Uber Clone Taxi Booking System with Panels

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Eber is an advanced platform that enables businesses to start their ride-hailing business online. This feature-rich platform facilitated business owners to manage and monitor each and every activity of their business more efficiently. After opting for this intelligent solution, ride-hailing businesses can easily satisfy the needs of their prospective customers in the best possible way.

Eber is a feature-rich app solution launched by Elluminati Inc, it makes the monitoring and controlling process much easier for ride-hailing business owners. Those businesses that aim to provide excellent taxi-hailing services to their riders must definitely
opt for this advanced solution.

Elluminati Inc successfully develops the best taxi-hailing solution by using modern MEAN (MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, NodeJS) stack technologies. We use this advanced technology as it facilitates businesses to monitor and manage their business hassle-free.
There are numerous advantages which this latest technological solution provides to taxi-hailing businesses when they prefer to opt for it.

If you are aiming to take your taxi business online, then our Eber solution can prove to be the best solution as it provides you with full control over your taxi-hailing business. Any of the ride-hailing business owners who opt for this feature-rich solution can make use of it in any of the areas where they
aim to provide their taxi service to their prospective customers.

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heba ahmed

23 Apr, 2020

can you send more details about application is this include web and mobile application android ios please send demo thanks

Elluminati inc Seller

28 Apr, 2020

Hello Mr Heba Nice to hear from you Yes it includes web and mobile application for android and ios as well To share demo details with you I need to know your city name where you are located and i can share demo details with you Waiting for your city name Thank you

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