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AI Facial Recognition web system

AI Facial Recognition web system Facial recognition and facial detection web system in Python and Django. Upload images and let the AI find matches for people. With the following project you will be able to: Use it as it is for web facial recognition and facial detection Upload single images or multiple images to build a known faces library Find a match by facial recognition for a single image or multiple files Submit an image for facial detection Browse the results as Web client Access to the database and source code Use the recognition class for other projects Includes pre-trained data (pre-trained data from public libraries , you can also use your own training dataset or another public one) External Sources The model was trained using the following dataset: How to Use: First, copy the two .dat files from the Part2 zip folder inside the Part1 zip folder (where the file is).

added by LabAI

E commerce Application Like Flipkart Amazon

E commerce Application Like Flipkart Amazon E-commerce Application Like Flipkart, Amazon   Everything You Need To Start Selling Online Today. 99.99 Average Uptime.

added by mohit149

GIS Gym Information System A Software for all GYM Business

Nowadays, if you decide to create a new program  from scratch it will take a long time due to several things such as deciding the new layout, the database structure, the way of designing your code.Moreover, I am writing you in order to show a small summary about this software template.This software may include a brief pages as follows:- Pages to manage your members, trainers, members transactions, etc... as View, Add, Edit, and Delete.- Pages to make the daily attendance.- Pages to make your daily or month expenses.- More than 10 pages that show the layout for each report.How to install the template - You should have an Apache, PHP 5.5 , MySQL 5.4 version or install the last version of WAMP (for windows) or MAMP for (MAC OS).- In the attached zip folder you will get an empty database you should add it to your MySQL.i.e: You should create a new database called gis_software , then make a restore operation on this database from the .sql giving on the attached zip folder.- The source ha

added by aminantabli

Food Recipe

The application is specially optimized, extremely easy to configure, and detailed documentation attached. You can easily create your own application about any food recipes.HOW DOES THE APP WORKThis app has 5 smooth screens:Home (menu slide show with 10 categories and search icon at the top)Search (search bar with the horizontal slide show of all recipes, some keywords)Recipe Details (a beautiful design with a large image of the dish, nutrients information, material, and method )Shopping (where you can manage your list to prepare the dishes and make sure you do not miss anything, you can easily add or delete ingredients)Setting (You have some tool with Admob, Rate App, Feedback function)WHAT DO I NEED TO GET STARTEDYou need a Macbook or MacOS computer with Xcode IDE installed (latest version), you can easily download in here will need a Google Admob account to use ads I already attached, just simply change the ads code numberYou will need a Firebase account

added by HaiPham2190

School Master Mobile App for Android

School Master Mobile App for Android Username : studentappPassword   : studentapp

added by ahmadrizaldi97

Movie Box

Movie Box A beautifully designed movie application-optimized display with iPhone and iPad allows you to have a rough review of a movie before deciding to spend your precious time enjoying it or simply get more information about movies to chat with friends.You have a high-quality banner imageThe duration of the movieAverage review scoreMovie content summaryCastCrewAnd most interesting is that you can watch the video trailer of the movie This application is for entertainment purpose only and is fully native, created in the latest Xcode version, support all latest feature of the iOS platform to provide the best user experience. The application is specially optimized, super easy to re-skin and customization HOW DOES THE APP WORKThis app has 3 main screens:Featured: List of all featured movies Search: Strong and dynamic search barAbout: Info of authorWHAT DO I NEED TO GET STARTEDYou need a Macbook or MacOS computer with Xcode IDE installed (latest version), you can easily download in here h

added by HaiPham2190

Geeksy Ultimate Modern Freelance Marketplace

Users also known as buyers can also post a Service Request on the platform and users who are also freelancers/sellers can bid to offer the requested services to the buyers by sending offers to the owner of the service request at their own rate. Once an offer is ordered by the user who posted the service request by making payments (Payments are made to Geeksy Admin who will then pay the freelancer when delivery of service is confirmed, payments can made via Paypal, Credit Card via Stripe and personal account balance), and the necessary instructions given to the seller/freelancer whose offer was accepted, work can commence. The time specified by the seller/freelancer in his/her offer to the request is acounted for with a countdownTimer which changes the Order Status from Pending to In Progress , When Seller is done with work, he can conveniently deliver the the work to the Seller, There is provision for communication between the buyer and seller via a messaging system

added by Webgeek

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