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Tooday A Social community app

- Watch all the latest updates of your city through short videos - Get instant updates of your city - Record and share your opinion on latest issues - Report local issues and problems of your city on the Tooday app - Get instant notifications for every breaking or local update of your city on your s

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Febit Digital Currency Exchange Platform

Features: Whitelabel, a few clicks to change the site to your brand Live Trading Live Exchanges Wallet System Live Watchlist Live Depth View Live Coin Info Live Order Book Contract Log Transactions log Payment Gateway supported Unlimited manual payment manager Unlimited withdrawal methods Blazing fa

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MShopping Mall Shopping Flutter Apps with Admin Panel

Features: 1. IntroScreen and Multi Select Categories Options. 3. Homepage, Slider, Search Widget, Notification Template, All & Each Category and Also Brand Partner List. 4. Each categories at homepage, refers to table database backend ready. (Enabled/Disabled) 5. Beautiful Item Product with Like Bu

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PDF Scanner

You get a sharp, high-quality scan. This application is useful because the speed and quality of the task are executed, and a best friend with people usually work with paperwork.

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HR Manager Smart Business Tracker React App

1. frameworkd 4.6.1 2. React native expo 3. MS Sql Databse Please check the hosting and technology details before buying our item Windows hosting required.Shared hosting is fine MS sql database required expo free account required for apk building gmail credential with less security VS Code

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Food Recipe

The application is specially optimized, extremely easy to configure, and detailed documentation attached. You can easily create your own application about any food recipes.HOW DOES THE APP WORKThis app has 5 smooth screens:Home (menu slide show with 10 categories and search icon at the top)Search (s

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