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Money Management Android App

Product Details

With this finance app,
accounting and tracking your financial data efficiently
is now made easy. Clearly arranged monthly tables enable transactions to
be entered very quickly. Statistical monthly, annual or overall
evaluations according to income, expenses, categories and accounts show,
in which areas you spend most of your money and where you receive most
of it. A modern dashboard shows the overall development of income and
expenses and allows a direct monthly comparison.

Feature overview

Monthly Tables
monthly tables provide a clear overview of the individual transactions
of the respective month of the corresponding year. In addition, the
transactions are sorted by date by default.

Generate PDF
can generate a PDF file of your transactions. All you need to do is
specify a period of time and this app will generate a structured
overview of the transactions from this period. You can then print or
send the file. This is also a very useful function for your tax return.

The user can enjoy this app completely ad-free by switching to the premium
version for $1.99 (You can adjust the price). You can find the function in the app's settings

The search enables an evaluation of the entire
transactions by calculating the total income, expenses and balance for a
specific search tearm you have entered.

statistics provide you with a clear overall evaluation of the posted
transactions. Here you can filter by a single month, year or the entire
time period. Furthermore, this app calculates values such as the
number of transactions, the highest income/expense or the average
income/expense for you and displays these values in clear text form.
The number of charts also differs depending on the filter you have selected.

Accounts & Categories
accounts show a list of all added accounts. Each account has a starting
balance and date that you specify. Any transaction added after the
starting balance date of the corresponding account is calculated with
the account. This makes it possible to display your real account balance
in the app and you do not have to add each transaction
retroactively to the app.
The categories show a list of all added categories. These include for example food, salary, household, care, car and many more.
By default, this app creates a list for accounts & categories for you. However, you can customize this list as you wish.

back up your data, there is the backup feature. The data can be sent at
any time. In addition, the data is automatically backed up via Google
Drive so that your data is retained even if you change devices, for

Another feature of this app is the
currency selection. The currency can be selected independently from the
system language or location. For example, you can choose between Dollar,
Euro, Yen, Pound, Dinar, Rial, Rupee, Won and many more. In total, the
app offers you a selection of over 50 currencies.

This app does not receive any information about your completed transactions.

This source code contains a detailed PDF file with instructions to monetize the app with your data and get it release-ready.

Product Features
- Contains a detailed PDF file with instructions to monetize the app with your data and get it release-ready
- AdMob is integrated (6 different ad sections)
- In-App Purchases are integrated
- No running costs
- Clean & easy-to-understand source code + documentation
- Made for anybody of any age
- No servers are used
- Localized for multiple countries
- High revenue potential
- Includes an app widget, which gives the user a general financial overview
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Version 1.1 - Jan 29, 2021

Version 1.0.0 * Initial release

Version 1.2 - Jan 29, 2021

Removed unnecessary files from source code

Version 1.3 - Jan 30, 2021

Updated source code

Product Versions

Money Management Android App - Version 1.1 - Jan 29, 2021

Money Management Android App - Version 1.2 - Jan 29, 2021

Money Management Android App - Version 1.3 - Jan 30, 2021

Reviews and Ratings
Jul 5, 2021
Great tool. Useful to simplify and ease your money management hassels. Thank you.
Great tool. Useful to simplify and ease your money management hassels. Thank you.
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