Visual Novel template for Unity


Code reviewed by PieceX
16 Aug,2018

Want to create your own Visual Novels?
This project serves as a Unity template.
- Code, with easy to use functions for many common actions in visual novels.
- Sample character sprites
- Sample music
- Sample backgrounds

This includes all you need to get you started. Easy to easy, easy to extend. Including assets.
How to Use:
This package includes code, unity project with scene and assets.
Please refer to the guide PDF.

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| Sep 18, 2018 | Price : 9$

The layout makes it really easy and fun to play. Good for people who are learning unity, I'd say.

| Sep 19, 2018 | Price : 9$

Pretty modular, easy to use functions for everything you may need. You can make a VN just with that actually. But its easy to extend. Like I added one where you can pan along a really long image, like scenery view moment.

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