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COVID19 Employee Vaccination Management System

* Secure web portal that uses Firebase user authentication schemes (i.e. Google, Facebook, Github, Twitter, Email, Anoynomous etc.) * Speech enabled highly interactive chart driven dashboard * Employee Profile and Employee Vaccination Management * Vaccination Type Management * User Profile Management * All tabular data boasts highly interactive searchable interface and can be downloaded in various formats * Supports Administrative user (all access) and Normal user (read only access) role * Highly customizable. For instance, the code can be easily modified to add more modules and support other databases as well

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Library Inventory Management

* Secure login for members, power users and administrators * Manage Library Items like audio, video, books, DVDs * Manage Power Users and Members * Custom reminder emails * Custom check out limit associated with penalty fees * Various supported look and feels * Fully integrated user friendly comprehensive help system * Supports Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL & Oracle. The code can easily be modified to support other databases as well * Customizable user friendly search for all module

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Note Plus Android application that organizes notes cheklists

- User friendly navigation menu, action bar and action buttons - User authentication via memory - Organize your Notes either in title/paragraph format or, title/checklist format - Both of the above formats are easily exchangable - Add/Modify/Delete/View note - Add/Modify/Delete/View note check list - Features multiple views such as Staggered Grid Layout, Multiple Independent Grid Views, Grid Layout and Grid Views with random custom color range - Features auto reset/fill up of random data for testing. The app can easily be modified to interact with a remote storage - This app can easily be modified to share notes between various users that are stored remotely

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