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Full Project Transportapp Firebase Angular v10 Ionic v5

This system is also available the code of the backend is given after having acquired the application of ionicCapture is done through the background continuously and sent to a database in Firestore, then display the tracking in google mapsFunctioning List of Orders Order Details Report Form (Image, Text, Geolocation (Position) Map to locate the direction of the orders (Google Maps). Using the plugins Google MapsGeocodeCameraStorage ImageGeolocationGPS Tracking - backgroundBackground ModeNavigator LauncherThis application has a plugin that allows you to integrate with applications like google maps, waze to find the best route between two pointsYou must add the platforms to the project, either android or iOS App Customer where you can request a route or transport for your orders, you can verify the value of the route including its destination, making the request, which will arrive at the Admin Dashboard.App Driver, this application allows you to see the assigned orders, delivery form, in

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