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16 Jun,2020
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What is "Vina Online Exam System" or VOS ?

- Vina Online Exam System is a web script which written by CodeIgniter framework, use MySQL for storing all related data.

- It uses Twitter bootstrap v3.x for enhancing GUI and supporting responsive design and JQuery AJAX to interact with backend.

- The main purpose of this script is for creating online exams and practices.

- Users all over the world
can take free and paid exams to get some certificates and improve their
knowledge with free practices.

- Finally,after finish
exams,they can view results, even corrects answers and share their best
results with friends on Facebooks,Twitter, Google Plus... Moreover, they
can download certificates.

- There are many more exicting features,you can discover these features later.

Main features

- Support unlimited questions and answers

- Support 4 types of question:

+ One answer (single choice) question

+ Multiple answer (multiple choices) question

+ True/False question

+ Fill in the blank question

- Support displaying picture, audio, video in question

- Support TOEIC exam format

- Free and paid exam (paid exam via Paypal)

- Support view exam's result in website and via Email

- Share exam's result via social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest

- Download exam's certificate of website (PDF format)

- Support multilingual

- Support responsive design

- Support rich features for administrator.They are:

+ Users management (create,insert,update,delete, login)

+ Categories management (supports multiple-level categories)

+ Question management (supports 4 types of question with audio,video for each question )

+ Papers management (a paper is a set of questions,which will used for creating an exam or practice)

+ Exams management (admin can create,update, delete an exam, assign users to take exam)

+ Practices management (like Exam but pratice is created for pratising, improving,revising knowledge purpose)

+ Exam's Parts management (for TOEIC exam)

+ Exam's Groups of Question management (for TOEIC exam)



Login as administrator : admin / 123456

Login as user: test1 / 123456


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