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PocketWall is a rewards application for Android devices with multiple features. You can get thousands of installations in a short time, without the need for programming knowledge.

OfferWall / Videos Ads

Cash Bag is Integrated with the Following Ad-Networks to for your users to enjoy.

1. Adscendmedia

2. Super rewards

3. Adcolony

4. Admob

5. Applovin ads

6. AppNext

7. Unity Ads

8. MobiVista

9. Offer Toro



Daily Checkin: There’s a daily Checkin that is always counted down with a 24-hour timer. You can set the number of points the user will earn.

Redeem Methods. Cash-out is available for Amazon, Paypal, Google Pay, Bitcoin, Paytm, Skrill. You can add more payment options.

Push Notification. Push notifications using firebase backend, immediately send notifications to your users regarding your app update or anything else.

Referral program. We added a referral program to our app so that each user could share his promotional code with friends or acquaintances and receive a reward in the form of 5-30% of all incomes of the invited user. This is a good PR tool, where people will advertise your app without your direct participation. Cool right?

Anti-fraud. system Our impeccable security system will not allow anyone to engage in fraud in our application. You can easily identify the fraudster and block it forever. In the admin panel, you can see detailed information on their users, what actions they performed, how much money they earned, what tasks they performed, and so on. Also, each transaction (withdrawal by the user) will be sent to the admin panel for manual moderation, before deciding to pay, you can find out if the user is a fraudster or not.

Admin panel With the help of the admin panel you can control absolutely all processes and functions in the application. The admin panel supports languages English and is very easy to manage.



Videos Ads.

Secure Admin Panel.

Daily Bonus.

Redeem Methods.

Referral Program.

Best Advertising SDK Integrated.

Hacker/Fraud Prevention.

Country-Based Offers.

One Account for One Device.

You can add any payment systems like as Paytm, skrill, etc


Android Studio IDE

Android source code

Read documentation carefully

Developer account


Download the project and extract it.

Import the project to AS.

Edit (Reskin) the App code.

Export it as apk and publish it

What are you getting You are getting app source code + admin backend file and offline documentation for the setup your app and backend

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icpaheav089077 28 Sep, 2020

Do you have working demo? I cant sign up

rewardapp Studio Seller 30 Sep, 2020

yes please wait...

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