Payroll Management Software Project Website System

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Mobile compatible.

Multi language support.

Admin and Employee panel.

Beautiful Dashboard.

Set working days, holidays and create events.

Upcoming birthday notification.

Control you notification settings.

Department, designation management.

Complete employee management.

View employee list.

Employee attendance management.

Attendance report monthly or yearly in PDF, Excel file.

Generate attendance report.

Receive, accept or reject applications.

Complete payroll management.

Set employee salary details.

Make payment.

Generate pay slip.

Create and manage notice board.

Complete expense management.

Add or manage expenses.

Configure personalized mailbox.

Receive and send email.

Save email as draft for later use.

Database backup

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ssrsoftech 03 Aug, 2020

Hello , Just purchased the payroll management system software. Please clarify on following. Instead of xampp , can i go with paid host service for hosting an application. Please suggest. I may seek your assistance in installation and coding. Thank you.

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