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PacketCaptureFileScanner and pcap parser

PacketCaptureFileScanner and pcap parser


31 Mar,2021


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Created by avatar soprero

31 Mar,2021

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Product Details

This program processes network packet capture files (pcap) you created by running a network packet capture program (e.g. wireshark, tcpdump) and extracts statistics.

1. You choose one or more capture files.
2. You start the processing.
3. The program does the processing which can take a while, depending
on the number and sizes of the input files. You can expect a processing
speed of up to 100 MB/s, depending on the mass storage the input files
are stored at.
4. You can browse the various statistical numbers in the UI and export
some of them in CSV format to the clipboard for further processing
(e.g. paste into Excel).

Supports packet capture files in classic (pcap) and new (pcapng) file formats.

The program supports the following statistical numbers:
- Layer 2
  - General Ethernet Statistics
  - MAC/Ethernet Addresses:
  - Source addresses, Destination addresses, Multi-/Broadcast addresses
  - Ethernet frame size histogram
  - Linux Cooked Mode Statistics
  - Linux Cooked Mode frame size histogram
  - ARP: Packet counts
  - ARP: Extracted address mappings
  - PPPoE
    - PPPoE Discovery
      - General Stats
      - Access Concentrators List
      - List of Established PPPoE sessions
    - PPPoE Session
     - General Stats
     - LCP Stats
     - PAP Stats
- IPv4: General Statistics
- IPv4/IPv6: Address lists
- Source addresses, Dest addresses,
Source only addresses, Dest only addresses
- each address with timestamps: first seen, last seen
- lists can be filtered by address ranges (not yet for IPv6)
- TCP:
   - Source and Dest ports used
- DNS:
  - General Statistics
  - Queried Names (A record: IPv4)
  - Resolved Names (A record: IPv4)
  - Unresolved Names (A record)
  - Record Type counters
    - LOC records
  - Client MAC addresses
  - Host names
  - established DHCP configurations
  - General Stats
  - File Transfers
- HTTP (not HTTPS)
  - Request Targets (URLs)
  - Request User Agents
  - Response Status Codes
  - Server Software (extracted from Responses)
  - Content Types

The Plus version of PacketCaptureFileScanner includes the following
additional functions:

- IPv6 addresses extraction
- MAC address manufacturer lookup in local database (not online)
- Allows to export reports directly into HTML and PDF files with

Product Features
This program processes network packet capture files (pcap) you created by running a network packet capture program (e.g. wireshark, tcpdump) and extracts statistics.

The source code has more than 70000 lines of code.

See the attached files with descriptions of the project structure and possible use cases.
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Version 1.1 - Mar 31, 2021

Initial source code version.

Product Versions

PacketCaptureFileScanner and pcap parser - Version 1.1 - Mar 31, 2021

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