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This is a Job Recruitment web portal that uses Artificial Intelligence to shortlist job applicants. Recruiters are able to create an account and post job offers. Job seekers are also able to create an account and see all job offer based on their interests. Let’s give you a faster way to find the career you desire. Gain full control of your interests. Job Recruitment is developed using PHP, MYSQL, and Javascript.Job Recruitment System use AI to scour your existing applicant pool for top candidates. We screen candidates automatically, in real-time, with incredible accuracy. Put screening on cruise control. Engage with candidates at scale, 24/7! Drastically increase response rates and eliminate initial screening calls.

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radhi 18 Oct, 2020

Please also send me if you have any additional details about this site.

radhi 18 Oct, 2020

Hi Yassine, Can I please check if you have a demo available for this site? Are you providing the source code as well?

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