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19 Apr,2020
User Guide Document


Hello Developers,

I am selling this template in order to encourage all our friendly developers to code more. Nowadays, if you decide to create a new program  from scratch it will take a long time due to several things such as deciding the new layout, the database structure, the way of designing your code.

Moreover, I am writing you in order to show a small summary about this software template.

This software may include a brief pages as follows:

- Pages to manage your members, trainers, members' transactions, etc... as View, Add, Edit, and Delete.

- Pages to make the daily attendance.

- Pages to make your daily or month expenses.

- More than 10 pages that show the layout for each report.

How to install the template?

- You should have an Apache, PHP 5.5+, MySQL 5.4+ version or install the last version of WAMP (for windows) or MAMP for (MAC OS).

- In the attached zip folder you will get an empty database you should add it to your MySQL.

i.e: You should create a new database called "gis_software", then make a restore operation on this database from the .sql giving on the attached zip folder.

- The source has a in which you can update the name of the database, and some other variables.

More Information about the template

- Here in the software you can install several languages such as French, Turkish, German, Italian, Arabic,etc...

- To add this language their is a table called "languages", you should insert the name of this language on this table.

- Moreover, their are extra tables that ends with "labels" in which you should insert another row having the name of the language that you inserted in the "language" table, and add the required labels in the new language.

- You have a sample for each in "English" language inside each table in order to know the sequence.

* You can contact me on +961 76 41 52 47 (WhatsApp Number is available) if you have any issue.

* Note: I will reduce the price of this template in order to make coding more easy!

Hope to benefit from this template.

Have a nice day!

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