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26 Jul,2018
User Guide Document


This is a cryptocurrency portfolio using web technologies HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
It can easily be integrated on any website or any software supporting web technologies like Electron to make Desktop programs.
This serves as a template sample, which you can use and change and modify to your liking.

- Icons for coins
- Add balances from the real blockchain
- Add and Subtract holdings
- Current live prices
- Total portfolio value
How to Use:
For details please check the PDF.

Network related
Make sure you solve CORS issues yourself. This uses cross origin calls.

External data sources
We use Bittrex, and to poll data.

In order to keep the basic usage of the template as simple as possible, this project opts to have only one DIV box in the HTML markup and then render everything from JavaScript.
As such you can see in the Index.html simply one

and the inclusion of the script.js javascript file. We do use jquery, so you can see the inclusion of that, which is needed, as well as a library called JS Cookie, used to save and load the portfolio to keep it persistent. It’s just a simple tool to make cookie use cleaner.
That’s all. The JavaScript will then create all the HTML aside the code.
The style.css contains all the visual scripting, nothing special going on here.
The script.js is where all the code is.
The entire code is wrapped in a Javascript pseudo object for nicer design.

Highest Price
Lowest Price
Average Price
AI Price Forecast
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| Sep 15, 2018

You can add balances from blockchain addresses? I haven't seen that before.

| Aug 28, 2018

I just wanted to see if it works and it does. It works and can be adjusted to many different programming languages.

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