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TowBug provides Roadside Assistance through a mobile application. an innovative on-demand roadside assistance platform that is transforming the towing and roadside assistance with amazing customer experience.

uber for tow trucks app features

  1. Registration (one-time/optional)
  2. Customer registers on the app via email, phone number
  3. Select vehicle info (Customer shares his vehicle information like make, model and registration number (needed only the first time, after that just needs to select from the added list of vehicles) for easy identification and getting a suitable tow vehicle or service professional at his disposal.)
  4. Select location
  5. Customer shares his emergency location with the towing service provider.
  6. Service fulfilment
  7. The system send a broadcast and tow truck/mechanic accept request and reaches the customer in quick time.

Tow truck Tow truck/ Owner features

  1. Easy login
  2. Just like the customer app, tow truck driver app also has a simple registration and sign-in flow.
  3. Real-time requests
  4. New tow service requests are dispatched to drivers in real-time via the app with the option to accept or reject in a limited timeframe.
  5. Availability status
  6. The app has an availability toggle to control when the driver wants to be online to receive new service requests.
  7. Job details
  8. Drivers get vehicle, location and other relevant contact information once they accept a request.
  9. Built-in navigation
  10. Tow truck drivers can quickly reach the requested location by using Google Maps powered navigation feature.
  11. Collect payments
  12. Once the job gets completed, an invoice summary will be shown on the driver’s app screen which has a “collect payment” button. The service seeker will be prompted to pay online from the app or in cash.
  13. Driver/service provider dashboard
  14. An overview screen for both completed and upcoming requests, feedback information, earnings reports and more.

tow trucks admin platform

panel features

  1. Secure login
  2. 2-factor authentication to securely log into the admin dashboard.
  3. Dashboard
  4. A top-level view of the towing business operations with key metrics and highlights.
  5. Tow trucks/fleet management
  6. Add, manage and track the entire tow truck fleet on a real-time map.
  7. Driver/service provider management
  8. Add and manage the service professionals that are part of the network, their schedules, payments, feedback and more.
  9. Customer management
  10. Keep a record of all the customers, their request status, feedback, payments received and more.
  11. Promotions management
  12. Towing business owners will have the option to send promo offers and coupon codes through SMS, push notifications and email channels to their towing service app users.
  13. Rate and pricing management
  14. Set rates for every service the towing business wants to offer through the app. Manage pricing settings based on service type, per pickup, per unit distance, time taken, and other possible options. Generate an electronic bill based on these settings.

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