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Blueroll Payroll and Loan Management System

Blueroll Payroll and Loan Management System


29 Jun,2021


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Created by avatar maxillin

29 Jun,2021

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Product Details

The most Flexible and Simple Payroll and Loan Solution on the Internet
For HR Managers and Lenders

With Self-Service options for Employees and Borrowers

All Payroll Operations Supported

This platform provides a rich set of Payroll Services to HR Managers. Pay Elements are treated as programmable objects. HR/Payroll Managers can bring their Payroll task to Blueroll. Blueroll allows HRMs setup Pay Elements per employee grade and individual employees. Blueroll flexibility allows HRMs specify computation formulas for Pay Element. Payroll statement can be generated on a fly and converted to different document format for easy data exchange.

Employees can also be invited to have self-service feel of the Platform to download their Payslips, Loan balances, Taxes and Pension Statements.' Its really easy!
Loan Approval Workflow. Borrower Self-service

Buy Blueroll for your Loan Business and invite your Borrowers to Login and Apply for Loan. Blueroll helps Loan Managers with tasks such as credit negotiations, Document submission, Agreement signing and Final Approval. Lenders can chat directly with your Borrowers.

Demo User:

Password: 123456

Product Features
Blueroll Payroll
✓ Employee Self-Service
✓ Generate Bulk Payroll
✓ Members Categories/Grades Definition
✓ Member Excel Data Upload
✓ Document Bay
✓ Pay Element definition
✓ Tax Configuration
✓ Tax Reports
✓ Pension Report
✓ Employee Personalized Pay Element
✓ Duration based Prorated Computations

Blueroll Loans Management
✓ Loan Definition
✓ Loan Status Report
✓ Loan Request Management
✓ Loan Approval and Declining
✓ Electonic Loan Agreement Signing
✓ Chat driven Loan Negotiation
✓ Loan Advertisement on Blueroll Market Arena
✓ Loan Documents Submission
✓ Loan Agreement Signing
✓ Notifications
✓ Loan TopUp
✓ Document Bay
✓ Loan Settlement
✓ Self-Service

✓ Inflation Protection/Salary Increment
✓ Upfront/Bulk Payment Processing
✓ Payroll Approval Workflow
✓ Maker/Checker Feature
✓ Salary Advance
✓ Tax Payroll Gross
✓ Tax specific Pay Elements
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Version 1.1 - Jun 30, 2021

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Blueroll Payroll and Loan Management System - Version 1.1 - Jun 30, 2021

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