Exam Portal Certification Project Startup Oriented

◘ Sign Up, Login, Fogot Password Logout ◘ Buy coins (Razorpay) ◘ Appear exams after payment ◘ Certificate Generating after Exam Pass ◘ People can verify certificates ◘ Referral Program ◘ Premium Referral Program ◘ Customer Query System ◘ Static Pages (about us, contact us) ◘ Can add exams from backend ◘ Change exams pricing from backend ◘ Send Email (Google SMTP) ◘ Full Accessible Backend ◘ Soft deleting (No Data Loss) ◘ Easy hosting with minimal changes ◘ Full responsive ◘ Fully Tested Application ◘ Scalable ◘ Google Analytics

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Note Plus Android application that organizes notes cheklists

- User friendly navigation menu, action bar and action buttons - User authentication via memory - Organize your Notes either in title/paragraph format or, title/checklist format - Both of the above formats are easily exchangable - Add/Modify/Delete/View note - Add/Modify/Delete/View note check list - Features multiple views such as Staggered Grid Layout, Multiple Independent Grid Views, Grid Layout and Grid Views with random custom color range - Features auto reset/fill up of random data for testing. The app can easily be modified to interact with a remote storage - This app can easily be modified to share notes between various users that are stored remotely

added by icsdiscovery

MyTenants Web Application

Key Highlights MyTenants website is created to help you and your real estate to follow your tenant's monthly bills and monthly payments with all statistics with profit and monthly costs Operations Operations of MyTenants business will be based on people who have real estate and rent them, then MyTenants is coming as handy help for them to help them to follow all their tenants, and for MyTenats services the landlords will be charged on a monthly basis. Customers MyTenants application is a very new application without any marketing and for now, the application doesn't have any customers. Financials The application is created as a final project for IT school, the application doesn't have any financial support. Additional Notes The application is created as a final project for IT school, and I see the potential for this application to grow, with the right marketing for the application and people who will work on this application to grow!

added by stefanmomcilovic

Meraki HRM System

Meraki Hrm is a simple web app to manage your company's HR department. This app was being built using React JS, Node JS, and Mongo DB. Make sure you are aware of it. Installation instructions have been included in the project folder. This project includes frontend folder master and backend master.

added by damayart313833

Hospital Management software

Pharmacist Manage Supplier Manage Stocks Manage Schedule Sell Items(Medicinal Drugs/Equipment) Nurse Yard Manage Checkups Manage Appointments Manage Patients Cashier Manage Transaction Manage Appointments Doctor Manage Consultation Manage Appointment View Patient Records Administrator As I have said earlier, the admin has full control of the system which means the Admin can manage all of the above including the ff: Manage Employee List Manage Users Manage Department Backup Database

added by michaelokyere

AppGrade school management system using Django framework

1. This school management system provides 3 types of users: Admin, Lecturer, and Student. 2. User permissions are changing according to the type of the user. 3. Users can also get information through an interactive diagram based on the dashboard's levels, scores, and average scores. 4. Real-time updates! once a lecture enters a grade, the student can instantly view it on his results page. 5. Changing password - each user can change his password independently but not every password will be accepted, if the new password is not long enough, the user will get an error message. 6. Prohibition of duplications - this system does not allow duplication of usernames and thus becomes extremely professional, personal, and reliable.

added by Lilach

Bookstore management software

1.User Friendly: The system is user friendly because the retrieval and storing of data is fast and data is maintained efficiently. Moreover the graphical user interface is provided in the proposed system which provides user to deal with the system very easily. 2.No or Very Few Paper Work: The system either does not require paper work or very few paper work is required. All the data is inserted into the computer immediately. Since all the data is kept in a file, no data can be destroyed. Moreover work becomes very easy because there is no need to keep data on papers. 3.Computer Operator Control: Computer operator control will be there no errors. Moreover storing and retrieving of information is easy. So work can done speedily and in time. 4. Less time consuming and easy to use: The system is less time consuming and easy to use. By using this new system we can save our time. We can easily search any record in less time.

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Time HRM Cloud Suite

Multi Companies - Unlimited Project Management Task Management Payroll Accounting Performance Support Tickets Multi Users Training Awards Leads, Clients, Estimates, Invoices Recruitment (ATS) OKRs, KPI, KPA

added by cholponizi

Easy Hrm Employee And Project Management Tool

Easy HRM will consist of the below features 1. Attendance Management 2. Priority-based role creation 3. Employee Management 4. Project Management 5. Task Management 6. Task time tracking 7. Leave Management 8. Holiday Management 9. Payroll and salary slip option

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Complete Inventory Accounting Source Code with GST Billing

The Project was created in Visual Basic 2008. This project will run on Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 Operating System. You can correct all reports and make many new ones.

added by MaheshAsa74

Multi User Full Accounting and Inventory Management System Built with Django and React

Adding and editing Clients and Vendors adding products and preview product history and inventory management adding invoices and refunds for clients and vendors adding editing incomes and payments for clients and vendors adding editing expenses

added by AccountingMaster

Medical Appointment Booking System in CodeIgniter

This is the Medical Appointment & Booking System for small ,medium & large company(Extended Version). In this Medical Appointment & Booking System 1.Member/Patient part Login,register and Book a slot After login they can see dashboard with calendar They can book a slot from available time Previous booked slot will be disabled They can edit their Profile 2.Doctor part Doctor will login and will see dashboard with calendar They can see their own appointment They will edit this They can deleete this 3.Admin part Admin can see all data

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