Valexa, a single vendor php script for selling digital products, software, graphics, audios, videos, fonts, templates and any downloadable items.

It supports Dropbox, Google Drive as file hosting services and PayPal and Stripe as payment processors.

Users can easily sign in using their social accounts, Gmail, Linkedin, Vkontacte, Facebook, Twitter and Github.

It comes with an items-selection based newsletter, you just select which items/products you want to send in your newsletter, give each selection a title and that's all, the template is already in place for you.



  • Full responsive design with Semantic-UI

  • Coupons generator

  • Coupons for specific products and users

  • VAT support (Value Added Tax)

  • Ready made template for newsletter

  • PayPal & Stripe payment processors

  • Google Drive & Dropbox file hosting services

  • Secure files download process

  • Blog area for posts and articles

  • Refunds, Total and Partial 

  • Reviews support (rating and note) for products

  • Comments support for products

  • FAQ for website

  • IMAP, read emails from your server email box

  • Sign in with Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Gmail, VK and Github account

  • JSON-LD support for SEO

  • Auto-Sitemap generator

  • Google analytics support

  • Pages (create/delete/update)

  • Categories and Subcategories for posts and articles

  • Collection / Favorite products support

  • Free product download control, limited time or lifetime

  • Categories and subcategories for products

  • Moderation for comments and reviews

  • Powerful dashboard

  • FAQ for products

  • Sortable navigation menu

  • Transactions details (buyer, ...)

  • Fee support for each payment processor

  • Email verification

  • Active/Non-active status switcher for products, posts and pages

  • Trending & Featured status switcher for products

  • Screenshots slider and thumbnails for products

  • Live preview for products

  • Share on social media

  • ...


  • PHP version 7 or greater

  • PHP Curl extension

  • PHP FileInfo extension

  • PHP Imap extension

  • PHP Intl extension

  • PHP MbString extension

  • PHP OpenSSL extension

  • PHP Pdo_mysql extension

  • Mysql version 5.6 or greater



Email : admin@gmail.com

Password : admin


Email: user@gmail.com

Password: user


The installation is done via an install wizard, just follow the steps mentioned in the documentation.

User Guide Document
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Lowest Price
Average Price
AI Price Forecast
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mohammedershad4486 13 Jan, 2020

I need a help to build a an app and page it will make big

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