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Streamio is a 100% responsive movies streaming php script and perfectly optimized for SEO. It comes with a powerful dashboard, movies data generator, comments reactions feature, two styles dark & light, smart sitemap generator, multi-languages and much


  • Responsive design (with Semantic-ui).

  • Multi-languages (English, French, Spanish).

  • User role based system (administrators, authors, moderators).

  • Google adsense ready.

  • Movies data generator (title, images, description, actors ...).

  • Pop-up ads (PopAds, PopCash ...).

  • Newsletter.

  • Comments reactions (love, like, funny, angry, sad, wow).

  • SEO friendly.

  • Add, Delete and Edit movies genres.

  • Awesome dashboard.

  • Auto sitemap generator.

  • Blocking unwanted users.

  • Google analytics.

  • Comments moderation.

  • Secure authentication.

  • Install wizard.

  • Featured movies carousel.

  • Unlimited pages.

  • Detailed documentation.

  • Movies archive widget.

  • Share on social media (twitter, pinterest, facebook).

  • Restore deleted items (movies, pages, comments, genres, users).

  • Dark & Light style.

  • Add, Delete, Edit movies.

  • Contact form.

  • WYSIWYG editor for pages and newsletter.

  • Trending movies widget.

  • Random movies widget.

  • Advanced search feature (by duration, rating, year ...).

  • Awesome home page.

  • Show/Hide scrollbars.

  • Movies rating.

  • Similar movies.

  • Get movies by genre, year, country, quality.

  • Reset password.

  • Database cache system.

  • Secure system.


  • SQL injection prevention.

  • Session hijacking prevention.

  • Session fixation prevention.

  • Cross site request forgery (CSRF) prevention.

  • Cross site scripting (XSS) Prevention.

  • Password hashing using ARGON2I algorithm.


  • PHP 7.2 or higher.

  • MySQL 5.7 or higher.

  • mod_rewrite module enabled.

  • OpenSSL extension.

  • intl extension.

  • cURL extension.

  • mbstring extension.


  • Admin
    • Username : admin

    • password : admin

  • Moderator
    • Username : mod

    • Password : mod

  • Author
    • Username : author

    • Password : author

  • Member
    • Username : member

    • Password : member

How to Use:
Everything is detailed in the documentation, installation, features and how to use the script.

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twinty22637457 29 Jul, 2020

Multi-languages (English, French, Spanish). mean that the content of the website will be totally in same languages (English, French, Spanish) not partially. There is TMDB so you can get a movie description or any other text info in another language than english.\nFor your suggestion to use for French and for Spanish not the best way, i will must to do all the work manually so wasting time.

twinty22637457 28 Jul, 2020

Hi Codemayer can i use your script to generate description of movies in french or spanish language in the demo with (admin cpanel) i can\'t see description (Synopsis) with the choosed language like (french) for example.

Codemayer Seller 29 Jul, 2020

Hi twinty22637457, Movies data are generated from IMDB which doesn't support multi-languages but only English, so, we can't get a movie description or any other text info in another language than english. We must use for French and for Spanish ...

KabibHabib8143 07 May, 2020

Hi Codemayer please i couldn t find a link to your demo can you provide one and also how can one earn money with this script

Codemayer 05 May, 2020

Okey guys yes it is possible to use it in multiple domains but make some changes if you want to re distribute it n nThank you for your questions

mariuselll 05 May, 2020

Hi Codemayer I am also interested in your script but as Popa said can it be used in several domains nBecause in this niche this is how it is done I also want to make more sites

PopaCristian6022 04 May, 2020

hi man it looks great but can i use this on multiple domains

Codemayer Seller 04 May, 2020

Hi Why would you do that are you planning to redistribute it

PopaCristian6022 04 May, 2020

no man i want to make more web sites with it i have like 15 using dooplay core with heavy modifications And i m playing to make like 20 30 in next weeks

| Feb 14, 2020 | Price : 50$

It's very useful and easy to make changes as well.

| Feb 14, 2020 | Price : 60$

Seller has written awsome application. Thank you .

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