Space Shooter Unity Template


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22 Oct,2018
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Space Shooters are a very popular game genre.
This is a unity template is a fully functional space shooter, in which the player controls a space ship, moving, dodging and shooting at incoming enemy space ships.
Featuring various enemy space ship sprites, particle effects and a multi layered parallax scrolling background for added depth.

The project includes:
- Sprites
- Background layers
- Sound Effects
- Music
- Code
- Particle Effects & Prefabs

Because this was made with Unity, porting to Android and iOS is trivially simply.
The controls in this prototype are created for keyboard controls. Please adapt it for whichever control scheme you may need, especially when using mobile.
How to Use:
Unity project with code and assets. Open with Unity.
Check guide PDF for specifics.

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| Apr 18, 2019 | Price : $

Imma try it out This looks so awsom

| Apr 19, 2019 | Price : $

Good for practice... Lots of cool situations...

| Apr 20, 2019 | Price : $

Excellent This game reminds me of atari. it feels like a proper mobile game

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