Marketing Website Template

02 Oct,2018

This project is a marketing page, layout / template.
Creating a marketing page for a product, service or company is very easy and will be very quickly accomplished, using this template.
- Single page
- All scrolling
- Big slides with fullsize background images
- Colors, alignments, images easily changed.
- Slides with multiple sub slides, horizontally
- Animations that trigger upon scrolling down to the content

Using HTML, CSS and some JavaScript.
How to Use:
You can find this in the index.html, that comes in the project files, for easy copy and paste.

The markup structure starts with a div of the class layout. In it we place as many slides as we like. Every slide occupies the full size of the window. Every slide has the class slide, if you want to start a multi-slide (multiple horizontal slides) use the class multislide_container, instead.
A slide should have then a div called slide_contents inside, which hold all the actual contents. Usually this div would also have the class animated_contents, for a nice animation upon scrolling to it.
In a multi-slide case we encase multiple slides in one container.
You can see all of the examples in the index.html of course, play around with them.

Please read the guide PDF for specifics.

User Guide Document
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| Oct 4, 2018 | Price : 6$

This looks exactly what I need, awesome. I like the simple animations.

| Nov 2, 2018 | Price : 6$

With my points it was almost free!

| Oct 27, 2018 | Price : 9$

I am not designer so I bought this html to make web site

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