Driver Highway HTML5 Game Mobile Facebook Instant Game Web HTML5 C2 C3

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05 Nov,2019

Driver Highway is a 2D racing game made with construct 2 and construct 3 Game Engines (Capx, C3p Files + HTML5 Included).

Play on the Web, Mobile or Facebook IG.

Ready for export to mobile, Facebook, web or Desktop.

include Admob “banner and interstitial” for mobile version .

include facebook Ads “interstitial” for Instant Game version, share button and leaderBoard Top 20.

Supports multiple screen sizes

Features :

Constuct 2 files Included .
Constuct 3 files Included .
Facebook Instant Game file Included .
HTML5 files Included .
Cordova File Included .
720P HD Resolution.
Playable in all platforms.

For Mobile:

Cordova folder ready for “phonegap” OR “cordova CLI”.
construct 2 or 3 File for Mobile.
Admob Ads Supported “banner and interstitial”.
Playable in all platforms (Mobile, Tablet, etc.).
Easy export to Android & iOS.

For Web:

Web folder ready to use on your website.
Full Screen
Playable in (chrome, Firefox, opera, etc.).
Easy to edit.

For Facebook:

Construct 3 or folder ready to use on Facebook.
Include interstitial Ads, share button and leaderBoard .
LeaderBoard: Top 20 Highscore.

Credit :

Background Music by :

Music by Eric Matyas :

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