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An overview of buying and selling on PieceX

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Buying on PieceX

  • Several options to choose from. Browse and search from a large variety of source codes to suit your project.
  • Guided decisions. Use reviews from other users, price statistics and AI price forecast to help you decide which product to choose.
  • Quaility guarantee. We thoroughly review all products before they are sold on our site, to ensure you always get only the best.
  • Contact seller. You can ask an questions to the seller before buying a product.
  • Point rewards. Earn points while making purchases or interacting with the PieceX community. You can later use the points for discounts in your next purchases.

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Pick a Source Code

Select from a great variety of scripts, plugins, themes and templates to use to make your great web application.

Select payment method

We accept payments through PayPal and Credit Card (VISA, MasterCard, Discover and American Express).


Download your newly purchased source code and use freely. All products on PieceX have a user manual to help you easily get started as quickly as possible.

Selling on PieceX

  • Assisted pricing. Our artificial intelligence ensures that sellers get the most worth for their products while we ensure that buyers get the best value for their money.

  • We help you maximise profits. You do not need to manually update your item’s price as the demand for it changes. Using user input and market data, we can automatically optimize and update your item’s price to ensure you make optimized profits.

Start selling your scripts now

Join hundreds of creators selling their source code on PieceX.

Scripts in all your favourite programming languages…and more.

Searching for tutorials?


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In this blog, we will discover about trending Andriod templates at PieceX for any business to make successful.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • There is no registration fee, annual fee, monthly fee, billing, etc.
    Users only have to pay the purchase price of the source code/Item. Tax is included in the price. Please notice that a payment fee will be added into your total purchase amount depending on the total amount of the purchase.

  • Feel free to modify the source code after purchasing it. It is possible to modify the source code you bought on PieceX, and upload it on PieceX to sell the modified version.
    However, without modification: resale is prohibited, inside and outside PieceX. Please check the terms and conditions at the license page for more information.

  • Yes, it is possible for anyone with the qualified skills to upload a product at PieceX. ( However, minors are excluded. )

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