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Requesting Software Source Code

At times, developers and business owners may find themselves trying to find software source code for a very specific project. The more requirements you have for your software project, the less chance you have to find it.

What is IoT How Does It Work

Internet of things is now one of the most sought out technologies in the world, but what exactly is it?

PieceX OSS Seller Contest

Take this chance to participate in PieceX’s newest contest for Software Developers and win a prize that goes all the way up to $1,000!

Frequently Asked Questions
  • There is no registration fee, annual fee, monthly fee, billing, etc.
    Users only have to pay the purchase price of the source code/Item. Tax is included in the price. Please notice that a payment fee will be added into your total purchase amount depending on the total amount of the purchase.

  • Feel free to modify the source code after purchasing it. It is possible to modify the source code you bought on PieceX, and upload it on PieceX to sell the modified version.
    However, without modification: resale is prohibited, inside and outside PieceX. Please check the terms and conditions at the license page for more information.

  • Yes, it is possible for anyone with the qualified skills to upload a product at PieceX. ( However, minors are excluded. )

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