Sell high value and high quality source code

PieceX enterprise is a way for companies and big corporations to exchange knowledge and optimize their development process and time through fairly reusing each other source code.

What can be sold on PieceX

A revolutionary new way to reuse source code based on AI

Take advantage of the most powerful source code exchange platform. Buy and Sell source code ready to be used into various projects and join a helpful community of businesses and companies that value the resource usage optimization. Join hundreds of businesses and creators selling their source code on PieceX. Sell any kind of source code plugins, apps, scripts, or any code-based project.


Let us help you figure out how and what to sell.

PieceX is providing consultancy for companies and businesses to provide them with market knowledge and workforce. Our consultants will help you determinate the products that have high value and create pieces of software from your ready to use code. Into the process, we disassociate the codebase of your projects from the business logic and the core activity of your company from the code that is useful for other companies.

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