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Why Enterprise Solution

Expensive software development process

Developing large complex enterprise software in-house is resource and time consuming and could require lots of expertise which most companies do not have.

Complex selection and integration

Finding the right software that meets the organization’s needs and could be seamlessly integrated with existing systems within the organization, from a wide range of offers can often a challenge.

PieceX Enterprise Solutions

Whether you need ready-to-use enterprise software, or to create a custom application, PieceX offers wide range of software components which you can customize and build an application that suits your organization’s needs.

Enterprise Products

Ready-to-use Enterprise products to set up your new business

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GoPOS Online Android Smart Point Of Sale System

Manage multiple shop employee / admin. Create product information with image and barcode. Edit product information Print receipt by POS printer Add product using QR code Add product using Barcode Product stock management system Product by category Search product using QR and Barcode Point of sales system with cart. Multiple operator. Multiple stores. Transaction report Attractive User Interface. Android 10 compatible Programmed in Android Studio IDE Development language is cordova, html, java. Enhanced documentation. Manage multiple role for employee.

added by HMStech

Clinic Management Software

Multi-tenant Software designed for clinics. Online, Secure and Simple Layout. Modern, User Friendly & Powerful Interface. Support LTR and RTL Layouts. Support English, French and Arabic. Patient Medical Record. Appointments Management. Consultations Management. Dentist Consultations specialized screen. Stock Management. Payment Management. Expenses Management. Reporting and tracking. Reminders. Video Documentations.

added by myclinic

Blueroll Payroll and Loan Management System

Blueroll Payroll ✓ Employee Self-Service ✓ Generate Bulk Payroll ✓ Members Categories/Grades Definition ✓ Member Excel Data Upload ✓ Document Bay ✓ Pay Element definition ✓ Tax Configuration ✓ Tax Reports ✓ Pension Report ✓ Employee Personalized Pay Element ✓ Duration based Prorated Computations Blueroll Loans Management ✓ Loan Definition ✓ Loan Status Report ✓ Loan Request Management ✓ Loan Approval and Declining ✓ Electonic Loan Agreement Signing ✓ Chat driven Loan Negotiation ✓ Loan Advertisement on Blueroll Market Arena ✓ Loan Documents Submission ✓ Loan Agreement Signing ✓ Notifications ✓ Loan TopUp ✓ Document Bay ✓ Loan Settlement ✓ Self-Service ✓ Inflation Protection/Salary Increment ✓ Upfront/Bulk Payment Processing ✓ Payroll Approval Workflow ✓ Maker/Checker Feature ✓ Salary Advance ✓ Tax Payroll Gross ✓ Tax specific Pay Elements

added by maxillin

Time HRM Cloud Suite

Multi Companies - Unlimited Project Management Task Management Payroll Accounting Performance Support Tickets Multi Users Training Awards Leads, Clients, Estimates, Invoices Recruitment (ATS) OKRs, KPI, KPA

added by cholponizi

PacketCaptureFileScanner and pcap parser

This program processes network packet capture files (pcap) you created by running a network packet capture program (e.g. wireshark, tcpdump) and extracts statistics. The source code has more than 70000 lines of code. See the attached files with descriptions of the project structure and possible use cases.

added by soprero

HERMEX Crypto Currency Trading Bot

HERMEX is a new crypto currency trading bot supporting numerous exchanges via API and all kinds of pairs that are supported by those exchanges.

added by Smartify


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Customize your template

After purchase you own the source code and you can modify it as per your requirement and business needs. You can also request Customization to add new feature from the seller as well.

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From purchase to customization, your business application is up and running with 80% savings in development cost and time.

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PieceX Enterprise has revolutionsed the way we plan, develop and execute new business from scratch.
LIXAR team
AI Source Code bought from PieceX is extremely helpful to accelerate project developement specially when team do not have AI technical skills.
Alyssa Abioye
I would like to express our gratitude to PieceX Team for productive collaboration. We consider PieceX a trusted business partner to sell our Enterprise Applications
Smith Miller
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