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Why Enterprise Solution

Expensive software development process

Developing large complex enterprise software in-house is resource and time consuming and could require lots of expertise which most companies do not have.

Complex selection and integration

Finding the right software that meets the organization’s needs and could be seamlessly integrated with existing systems within the organization, from a wide range of offers can often a challenge.

PieceX Enterprise Solutions

Whether you need ready-to-use enterprise software, or to create a custom application, PieceX offers wide range of software components which you can customize and build an application that suits your organization’s needs.

Enterprise Products

Ready-to-use Enterprise products to set up your new business

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Customizable Holiday packages system B2B B2B2B B2C

1. User Registration 2. Home page 3. About Us 4. Find Tour Packages 5. Plan your own Tour 6. About the Tour Package 7. Contact Us 8. Enquiry Form 9. Banner Management 10. Useful Link & Information 11. Payment Gateway 12. Portal vendor management 13. Admin Panel – Vendor

added by AlokSrivastav

Enatega Food Delivery and Grocery App

Enatega is a white label on-demand grocery and food delivery application suitable for building a customizable solution that works right out of the box.

added by Ninjas Code

Enatega Complete Food Delivery App

Enatega is a complete white label on-demand food delivery solution just like Ubereats, Foodpanda, Swiggy or JustEat. The source code includes complete documentation and a completely separate analytics Dashboard using Amplitude. It is Ninjas Code flagship product and the team keeps thoroughly update

added by Ninjas Code

GoPOS Online Android Smart Point Of Sale System

Manage multiple shop employee / admin. Create product information with image and barcode. Edit product information Print receipt by POS printer Add product using QR code Add product using Barcode Product stock management system Product by category Search product using QR and Barcode Point of sales s

added by HMStech

Flutter collection UI - Cinema

Flutter collection UI - Cinema Flutter collection UI - Cinema is a Flutter app coded with dart. A pixel perfect UI for Android and iOS devices made with Flutter.It can be used for e-commerce or any type of product collections apps. The app is created using BLoC patterns as google recommend it for Fl

added by mars

Streamio Movies streaming PHP script

Streamio - Movies streaming PHP script Streamio is a 100 responsive movies streaming php script and perfectly optimized for SEO. User role based system (administrators, authors, moderators). Google adsense ready. Movies data generator (title, images, description, actors ...).

added by Codemayer

Loan Manager PHP Loan Management System

Loan Manager-PHP Loan Management System Loan Manager is fully functional PHP loan management system. Loan Manager can be used to manage borrowers from first steps of loan acquisition to loan repayments. Loan Manager simplifies the process by automating the tasks involved like auto calculations o

added by xhcodes

Weaxium Responsive Portfolio Blog PHP script

Weaxium - Responsive Portfolio Blog PHP script Weaxium is a fully responsive multi-purpose PHP scrip, it can be used for a blog, portofolio or anything else. With its powerful dashboard, you can view who are visiting your website, their countries, which pages interest them the most, which de

added by Codemayer


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Select from the wide range of source code based on your requirement and business. Verify reviews and talk to the seller before you proceed to final purchase. If you do not find source code you are looking for, please contact us. We will find best piece of code as per your requirement.

Customize your template

After purchase you own the source code and you can modify it as per your requirement and business needs. You can also request Customization to add new feature from the seller as well.

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From purchase to customization, your business application is up and running with 80% savings in development cost and time.

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PieceX is a great marketplace to sell B2B software Soure Code. The Request and Customization features are amazing ways to connect directly with buyers and understand their requirements. We are looking forward to sell more Business Apps on PieceX.
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Source Code bought from PieceX can be extremely helpful in accelerating project development, specially when your client is not willing to provide a high budget. Ready-to-use Source Code bought from PieceX helps reduce the overall time and cost of development.
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PieceX is the best marketplace for selling Source Code, specially with its unique dynamic pricing catered for by PieceX’s AI. This AI helps sellers earn more revenue and also relieves the burden from the team to constantly monitor the price and update it as per market demand. All pricing is completely taken care by the AI mechanism of PieceX.
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