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PieceX Enterprise is a way for software compamies to buy and sell ready-to-use Enterprise Source Codes for business companies. It helps startup’s and Entrepreneurs, the new business development department of many compamies to set up business like Uber, Ola, Uber Eats, Swiggy, Spotify and many more.

Key Benefits:
Cut your app development time and rapidly set up your business
Cut your app development costs with ready-to-use source codes and customize freely as per your need.
Maximize your profits through AI assisted dynamic pricing

What can be bought from PieceX

Examples of what can be sold on PieceX

Grocery Food Delivery App Grocery Delivery App


Build your own E-Delivery business using the smartphone app,, it can be anything Food Delivery, Flower Delivery, Grocery Delivery, Medicine Delivery.

App sellers provides full functionality and the right to customize it according to your business requirements

It will also provide features that make it easy to modify the app to run their business in any area of their choice, and complement features include: App Theme Change, Language Change, Currency Change, Multiple payment gateways and many more.


Taxi Booking App Uber Like App


Eber is an advanced platform that enables businesses to start their ride-hailing business online.

This feature-rich platform facilitated business owners to manage and monitor each and every activity of their business more efficiently. After opting for this intelligent solution, ride-hailing businesses can easily satisfy the needs of their prospective customers in the best possible way.


Services App Repair Services House Maintenance Services All Kind of Home Services


Almafraa is the best contracting app for all repair and maintenance House services like Carpentry,Painting, Cleaning, Plumbing, Home Appliance Repairing, Interior Furnishing and many more.

It is easy to build your own Repair Services related business with Almafraa.


E-Learning Online Study


LearnPro is a online learning solution. It is crafted for a Schools, Colleges, Coaching centers and Universities who wants to facilitate a fast, unique and professional elearning for their students.

Students and Staff are combined on a single platform to enable and facilitate the classroom learning experience online and in faster and better way.


FinTech Finance Enterprise Solutions


ProPlacement FinTech Solutions for insurance companies. It is a software that handles various types of investments: Securities, Receivable account, Short-Term Bonds, and Monetary investments.

Feature set incudes: Manage investment transactions and histories, control regulation ratios, computes exit value for each Fund, allows a clear and fully automatic accounting, Automatic portfolio valuation, provides a matching for cash accounts, setting up yearly management fees, monitors subscribers subscriptions.


Online Dating Application Geosocial Networking App


Create your business like Tinder, make GeoSocial Networking and online dating application.

Pre-book with us, get your source code and set up your business.

Digital Music Podcast Video Straming


Set up your business like Spotify, a digital music streaming service that gives access to millions of songs, podcasts and videos from artists all over the world.

Pre-book with us, get your source code and set up your business.

Project Management Agile Scrum


Sell your Project Management Solutions today and create a new income flow.

ERP Finance Supply Chain Management CRM Project Managemet


Sell your ERP Source Code today.

CRM Sales Calls Email Marketing Relationship Management Documents


Sell your CRM Source Code today.

Data Analytics Visual Analytics Power BI


Sell your Business Intelligence Source Code today.

Success Stories


Find out how to invest few millions and earn in billions, Start now.


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