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School Timetable generator NET based

this code handle the timetable generation issue for more details demo link more description

added by osamawbs

HR Manager Smart Business Tracker React App

1. frameworkd 4.6.1 2. React native expo 3. MS Sql Databse Please check the hosting and technology details before buying our item Windows hosting required.Shared hosting is fine MS sql database required expo free account required for apk building gmail credential with less security VS Code tools

added by isahaque

Clinic Management Software

Multi-tenant Software designed for clinics. Online, Secure and Simple Layout. Modern, User Friendly & Powerful Interface. Support LTR and RTL Layouts. Support English, French and Arabic. Patient Medical Record. Appointments Management. Consultations Management. Dentist Consultations specialized screen. Stock Management. Payment Management. Expenses Management. Reporting and tracking. Reminders. Video Documentations.

added by myclinic

Complete Functional eCommerce Shopping Site with Admin Side in NET

​Fully Functional Coding 0% Coding is to be done. Only Some settings need to be changed Fully Functional Admin Side Public Site is done with MVC, jQuery Database is MS SQL Server Administrator can can add product, delete product, edit product manage the banner images for the public side manage the Menu links for the public side Can see the Orders Can see the Return Requests from the customers Can see the Order Cancel Requests from the customers manage the collections/categories Can assign product to different collections/categories Admin has the provision to show recent 10 products in home collection Admin can set a product is returnable or not Admin Can set a product accept Cash On Delivery or Online Payment or Both Admin can see the messages received from the site users via the Contact Us option Easier for developer to add more functionality Site Load is better even if we load multiple images in home page jQuery load is done in most places to avoid unnecessary page load payment

added by amaanaldin


The Project was created in Visual Basic 20012, MS SQL SERVER. This project will run on Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 Operating System.

added by viral pa270587

Complete Inventory Accounting Source Code with GST Billing

The Project was created in Visual Basic 2008. This project will run on Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 Operating System. You can correct all reports and make many new ones.

added by MaheshAsa74

ERP CRM UVC Sterilization Platform

Fully functional Admin site built with C# .Net, designed to run on Azure Web Apps. Provides an interface to run every aspect of the business, from devices to locations, invoices to reporting, everything is included. Customer facing mobile app used to schedule and pay for service written in Dart/Flutter, ready to be branded and deployed to the app store. Customer facing OEM app used to control remote devices. Fully functional IoT hardware design. Currently written with C# .Net Core, designed to run on Raspberry Pi, and registered with Azure IoT Platform. This is a complete turnkey solution that is production ready as is.

added by jniklas

Alcohol Interlock Home Monitor ERP Software Suite

Fully responsive Admin site for managing day-to-day operations. Manage users, customers, locations, appointments, devices, invoices, reports, etc. Stripe integration for immediate payments and recurring billing. Customer portal for managing upcoming appointments, manage payment methods, view past invoices, and view closest service location.

added by jniklas

ASP NET MVC Task Management App with source code

ASP NET MVC Task Management App with source code This application is a base solution for your next web application not only Task Management but also other applications. Task Management Application is a web based application which was developed with Asp.Net MVC and C language. Menu creation , Users definition and Roles definition and authorizations are easy . You will get ASP.NET MVC source code of this application if you buy item.

added by ozgursaygi


This job portal is pay per use model so that recruiter do not have to spend a lot of money to recruit a candidate. This also helps the job seeker who want to change jobs or find a good job and these candidates also avail pay per use term so that they have to pay only when they need to find a job.

added by onesrk9

ERP Accounting System

ERP Accounting System This Erp system Contains Have Been Built using mvc , javascript ,Razor , ajax and  it contains  Serveral Modules:1-Accounting2-FixedAssets3-Purchase4-Sales5-Inventory6-Project7_susbcription8-HR But not for all companies9-Reports10- System Properties Note: The Shown Design is Not prefect , but its BackEnd is so much accurate the System is built in Standard Form of MVC so it can be  modified too Easy for any Company .images uploaded in arabic , But u can Transalte it to whatever language you want

added by menamtrisores01

To Do List

To Do List written in C this is a simple app but very useful in different sectors, contains a textbox, a button and a text collector, This simple app asks to enter a text, which can be plain text or a link, which on click is saved in a special text container, simple to use and understand ... this app can be used as a to-do list, and many other possible uses ... This app is a windows form app, o Win32, the design contains a textbox, a button and a text container ...

added by meshmi2


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