Complete Online Grocery Delivery Solution

Responsive Dynamic Design Suitable for Grocery, Food Delivery, Fruits & Vegetable store Online Payment Accept Cash On Delivery Option Area Wise Delivery Charge System Dynamic Offer And Tax System Real-Time Order Tracking OTP Registration System Developer Friendly Code Structure Offer Management System User Wallet System Referral Reward System And Much More...

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Auto Sync both Your Website and Facebook Page for Customers Reviews Reviewmonial

- Automatically Post Reviews to Facebook Page - Adaptive Design, Mimics Website CSS Style - Completely Cross Browser Support - Manage Reviews. Edit. Delete. Approve.

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eBay style e commerce auction web application with Django framework

1. Create Listing: Any user can create a new listing. 2. Active Listings Page: The default route of my web application lets users view all of the currently active auction listings. 3. Listing Page: Clicking on a listing takes users to a page specific to that listing. On that page, users can view all details about the listing, including the current price for the listing. 4. Watchlist: Users who are signed in can visit a Watchlist page, which displays all of the listings that a user has added to their watchlist. 5. Categories: Users can visit a page that displays a list of all listing categories. 6. Django Admin Interface: Via the Django admin interface, a site administrator can view, add, edit, and delete any listings, comments, and bids made on the site.

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GoPOS Online Android Smart Point Of Sale System

Manage multiple shop employee / admin. Create product information with image and barcode. Edit product information Print receipt by POS printer Add product using QR code Add product using Barcode Product stock management system Product by category Search product using QR and Barcode Point of sales system with cart. Multiple operator. Multiple stores. Transaction report Attractive User Interface. Android 10 compatible Programmed in Android Studio IDE Development language is cordova, html, java. Enhanced documentation. Manage multiple role for employee.

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Learning Warehouse

Learning Warehouse has a lot of features that make it more professional. Authentication system, Forget & recover password options, Classify each classroom with key code, Ability to set the speciality of the teacher

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Unix Glassmorphism React Personal Portfolio template React Hooks

Built on pure ReactJS without jQuery Fully Responsive to all devices Latest UI trends Glassmorphism Template Creative and Beautiful Layout Fast, Lightweight & Powerful Floating Menu on Mobile Devices Smooth Transition Effects Awesome Customized Slider Built with latest React v17+ ES6+ & SASS Material Ui/ Icons No Bootstrap. All CSS are Hand Written Easily Customizable Well Documentation SEO optimized *React Features* JSX React Hooks Components Virtual DOM Simplicity Performance Functional Components

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Rider HTML Pro Bootstrap 5 Admin Theme

Latest Bootstrap 5.0.2- crafted with the world’s most popular front-end open source toolkit. Core framework - solid & expandable foundation with flexible design system. Yarn, NPM, Webpack, Gulp - automate repetitive workflows and compose them into efficient build pipelines. Documentation - complete guidance materials with easy to copy & paste code examples. Source Code - a full source code contains of SASS, JavaScript, HTML, Gulp config, Webpack config. In-house Components - over 40 components built exclusive with SASS and JavaScript without jQuery dependency. Authentication - one stop solution for Sing-up, Sing-in, Password reset, Trial Sign-up pages. Icons - Duotone SVG, Bootstrap Icons, Fontawesome icon sets with highly used icon options. Charts - advanced Apexchart and Chart.js plugins for all charting needs. FormValidation – powerful validation library for JavaScript.

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PixelStream Movie and Series PHP Script

Easy Installation TMDB API - (MOVIES / TV SHOWS/EPISODES) LIKE/DISLIKE System Watchlist Items Collections System Responsive Design (Desktop/Tablet/Mobile) Movies Add - Update - Delete - List Series Add - Update - Delete - List Episodes Add - Update - Delete - List Genres Add - Update - Delete - List Pages Add - Update - Delete - List Users Add - Update - Delete - List Comments View - Moderate - Delete Watchlists(Add Items to Watchlists) Change Visibility of Items Settings - (logo,favicon,site name,seo settings,etc.) Advertisement - (VAST in video ,Banner, Pop under, Sticky Banner, Push Notifications, Desktop Full-page Interstitial) Profile Edit (Admin) Profile Page for Users With Like Items / Watchlists Items and Details About Users Add to Feature(Homepage Slider) for Items Add to Recommended for Items Sidebar Random Items list Sidebar Latest Episodes list Embeded Player Items by years, genres, cast, creator, director, quality, alpa start letters. Movie Lists - Tv Shows Lists - Latest

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AppGrade school management system using Django framework

1. This school management system provides 3 types of users: Admin, Lecturer, and Student. 2. User permissions are changing according to the type of the user. 3. Users can also get information through an interactive diagram based on the dashboard's levels, scores, and average scores. 4. Real-time updates! once a lecture enters a grade, the student can instantly view it on his results page. 5. Changing password - each user can change his password independently but not every password will be accepted, if the new password is not long enough, the user will get an error message. 6. Prohibition of duplications - this system does not allow duplication of usernames and thus becomes extremely professional, personal, and reliable.

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Clinic Management Software

Multi-tenant Software designed for clinics. Online, Secure and Simple Layout. Modern, User Friendly & Powerful Interface. Support LTR and RTL Layouts. Support English, French and Arabic. Patient Medical Record. Appointments Management. Consultations Management. Dentist Consultations specialized screen. Stock Management. Payment Management. Expenses Management. Reporting and tracking. Reminders. Video Documentations.

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Python Django Based Doctor and Patient Record System

This project is about entering records of patients in form Group. Groups are made by admin and doctors are added in respective groups. Doctors added in groups can add the data of specific patients. Doctors can see and edit the data of the patients in assigned groups.

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Bookstore management software

1.User Friendly: The system is user friendly because the retrieval and storing of data is fast and data is maintained efficiently. Moreover the graphical user interface is provided in the proposed system which provides user to deal with the system very easily. 2.No or Very Few Paper Work: The system either does not require paper work or very few paper work is required. All the data is inserted into the computer immediately. Since all the data is kept in a file, no data can be destroyed. Moreover work becomes very easy because there is no need to keep data on papers. 3.Computer Operator Control: Computer operator control will be there no errors. Moreover storing and retrieving of information is easy. So work can done speedily and in time. 4. Less time consuming and easy to use: The system is less time consuming and easy to use. By using this new system we can save our time. We can easily search any record in less time.

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