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Solemn 2D animation app

Image editing features: brush, eraser, rectangle, circle, line, image effects; like invert colors, turn image to sketch, blur image, mirror image. other special tools like: converting the frames into a PDF, for stuffs like comics. Etc.   Sound Tools: Reverse track, merge tracks without gap, merge tracks with gap, repeat, overlay, max tempo, reduce noise, min tempo, record audio, echo, radio effect, robot effect, ghost effect, Darth Vader(from star wars) voice effect, etc   Video Tools: Merge videos, cut videos, fade in, fade out, export, preview, black and white, the-end effect, edit speed, merge audio to video, time symmetry, mute video, etc Can also be used to export frames in a pdf format

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Clinic Management Software

Multi-tenant Software designed for clinics. Online, Secure and Simple Layout. Modern, User Friendly & Powerful Interface. Support LTR and RTL Layouts. Support English, French and Arabic. Patient Medical Record. Appointments Management. Consultations Management. Dentist Consultations specialized screen. Stock Management. Payment Management. Expenses Management. Reporting and tracking. Reminders. Video Documentations.

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The Project was created in Visual Basic 20012, MS SQL SERVER. This project will run on Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 Operating System.

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The project file contains a python script ( Talking about the application, the user just has to select among the food and drinks items, enter the quantity and click on the total button to view the total price.The user can view the total receipt of their items which displays receipt number and number of their food/drinks items with the total amount.


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