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Jewel Deluxe Unity Templates with Admob

This is a complete game designer, sound, effects, game-play, full resource, full animation 2 mode game – 300 levels complete well done Admob integrated (Banner, Interstitial) Sounds: Background music and sound effects are included with a settings to mute sounds in the game Simple and attractive Easy reskin for all platform. New Developer friendly Support multi-platform: Android, iOS, Web Player Support for Unity 2019 or higher Support build 64Bit Documents update online

added by dotmob

Snake Runner Unity Template

Easy Ad Implementation East To Reskin Satisfying mechanic Ready To Publish

added by VirohAssets

Koncrete Renovation Roofing Services HTML Template

1-Metal Roofing 2-Flat Roofing 3-Tile Roofing 4-Gutter Cleaning 5-Emergency Roofing 6-Easy Installation 7-Snow Removel 8-Roof Replacement 9-Slate Roofing Features 3 Home Page Layout Services Page Serives Details Project Page Project Detail Contact Form WIth Php Reposnive Menu Based on Bootstrap 3.3.6 Fully Responsive (Google mobile-friendly) Clean and Elegant Design CSS3 Animation HTML5 & CSS3 Font Awesome Clean Code with Comments Easy to Customize Credits Framework - Bootstrap Fonts - Google Fonts Animation - Animate CSS Popup - Magnific Popup Icons - FontAwesome Photo - Unsplash jQuery - Carousel - OwlCarousel

added by ahmedtar681347

Ecommerce Store UI

Home page Admin dashboard 10+ PHP pages Multi-Browser Support PHP, CSS Valid Files Awesome Color Creative And Modern Design Ready for e-commerce integration Sticky Header Google Web Fonts Friendly lazy loader and many more…

added by syedowaisnoor

Note Plus Android application that organizes notes cheklists

- User friendly navigation menu, action bar and action buttons - User authentication via memory - Organize your Notes either in title/paragraph format or, title/checklist format - Both of the above formats are easily exchangable - Add/Modify/Delete/View note - Add/Modify/Delete/View note check list - Features multiple views such as Staggered Grid Layout, Multiple Independent Grid Views, Grid Layout and Grid Views with random custom color range - Features auto reset/fill up of random data for testing. The app can easily be modified to interact with a remote storage - This app can easily be modified to share notes between various users that are stored remotely

added by icsdiscovery

COVID19 Employee Vaccination Management System

* Secure web portal that uses Firebase user authentication schemes (i.e. Google, Facebook, Github, Twitter, Email, Anoynomous etc.) * Speech enabled highly interactive chart driven dashboard * Employee Profile and Employee Vaccination Management * Vaccination Type Management * User Profile Management * All tabular data boasts highly interactive searchable interface and can be downloaded in various formats * Supports Administrative user (all access) and Normal user (read only access) role * Highly customizable. For instance, the code can be easily modified to add more modules and support other databases as well

added by icsdiscovery

image to OCR Optical Character Recognition

This project performs Optical Character Recognition on image and prints selectable, editable text in console and response of api.

added by Ranjeet Gautam

Profitable Business Website

*eco system *chatting system *login and sign in system *mysqli database - which you can handle all your users information and how many users on your site *hashed password *disable right click - users are not able to get any of your source *mobile friendly *customers request - if your customers request something it will be directed to you as the admin/owner of the site *streaming page - where your users can watch videos (optional for movie or streaming sites but included on the package ) *your own video player design - (optional for movie or streaming sites but included on the package) *responsive web design this source uses those language and code: HTML/CSS/PHP/JAVASCRIPT/MYSQLI/JQUERY/

added by Donel

Car rental service or any product selling template

-Elegant Design - Best UI practises - Best SEO Optimization -Smooth Scroll -Fully Responsive For Each Screen -Smooth Workflow -Easy To Use -Handy Source Code -Latest Technologies Used

added by iamabhi2414435

ecommerce project

Features of our project 1) Delivery boy integration 2) Overview data of sell 3) Analytics data of sell in the form of chart 4) Payment methods A) Cash On Delivery (cod) B) Pay through card 5) Fully Responsive on any devices 6) You can add multiple size , colors , and images for product and trending Effects i.e GlassMorphism

added by Adichhapekar

Color Lines connect dots Unity game with AdMob ads

- One touch controls - Easy to reskin - Ready for release - Endless puzzle game - Integrated AdMob Ads

added by NeonSpaceFighter

Abc Jelly

All Features of learning . The Game Is All About Kids Basic Education. Play And Learn A To Z. With Full Enjoyment. Play And Learn 1 To 100. With Full Enjoyment. Play And Learn Tracing( A To Z,1 To 100,Some Sentences) Play With Bubbles And Remain Things. Play With Water And Learn More. And Other Lot More Play's. Admob Ad. Adcolony Ad. Unity Ad. Ironsource Ad. IAP. Unity Remote Cnfig. ⚪ Ability to create different language(s) ⚪ Smooth Tracing and Filling ⚪ A-Z Uppercase Complete Letters ⚪ a-z Lowercase Complete Letters ⚪ 0-9 Complete Numbers ⚪ 26 Words and ability to add more ⚪ Tracing Helper (Hint) ⚪ Letters & Numbers Pronunciation ⚪ Shapes Managers ⚪ Shapes Factory ~NEW ⚪ Line/Fill Tracing ~NEW ⚪ Words/Sentence Generator ~NEW ⚪ Singleton Manager ⚪ Win, Reset Dialogs ⚪ Sound Effects ⚪ Particles Effects ⚪ Fourteen Colored Pencils ⚪ Support Mobile, Web and more Platforms ⚪ Complete set of scenes ⚪ Extra Backgrounds ⚪ Unity UI built-in features ⚪ Advertisements Manager ⚪ Admob Integration

added by suja


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