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image to OCR Optical Character Recognition

This project performs Optical Character Recognition on image and prints selectable, editable text in console and response of api.

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Dalite Premium App to Date Chat Meet People

Main features (Android App) * Login with Facebook, username, Phone, Google * Password reset system * People Nearby: See people nearby and location badge for very new people including real distance * Filters & Location filter: Filter type of people you want to see, online, age, location etc… * Quick profile and Message: Type to see near user profile and like, dislike or message action * Profile compatibility: Scroll down to see user’s profile info, and all compatible preferences will be in Primary color * Encounters Game: Swap left or Right depending on your choice if you like or not the user.. * It’s a Match: User can like users and if both liked each and other, then it’s a match * Selfie pose verification: We use Machine Learning to verify users identify by matching a pose. * Verified Badge: User earn verified badge on Phone /and or Phone number verification * Manual Photo approval: Optionally, you can opt to manually approve photos in admin panel. * Realtime Chat: Users can chat in r

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Real Time Gesture Recognition with Python 22 Gestures

Real Time Gesture Recognition with Python 22 Gestures Gesture Recognition APP 22 gesture recognition with camera (python and opencv3 )This project was initially used with a humanoid robot to create an interactive user experience. In this interactive display, the robot waved if a human in its field of view waved at it.

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Basic Streamlit Web App

Basic Streamlit Web App This is one of the most basic code of a streamlit machine learning web app based on the iris flower database. This can be edited very easily according to the need. You will need to download streamlit, sk-learn and pandas for the purpose. pip install streamlitpip install pandaspip install scikit-learn then run the following code in the command promptstreamlit run app.pyif you are not running the command prompt in the correct folder then write the full location of

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Hand Gesture detection

Hand Gesture detection This is cool project based on computer vision tool and it can be created with the help of python and computer vision tool. This is great way to express messages and can be used as a sign language also.

EYE Detection

EYE Detection Easiest way to detect eyes movement  with the help of python and open computer vision tool . , where python is a object oriented language to deliver the best output with the shortest amount of time.

Twitter Sentimental Analysis

This is one of the reasons why we have  monitoring conversation and feedback in social media has become a crucial process in social media marketing.Monitoring Twitter allows companies to understand their audience, keep on top of what s being said about their brand and their competitors, and discover new trends in the industry. Well, that s exactly what sentiment analysis determines.In this guide, we ll take a closer look at sentiment analysis and how you can analyze and understand emotions on Twitter using sentimental Analysis as well as how to connect to the Twitter API using Python.

7 Minutes Workout Android Source Code

7 Minutes Workout - Android Source Code 7Minute Workout - Calories Burn App is the fast, simple, science-based way to work out anywhere, anytime no workout equipment needed. If you want to lose weight, get a flat tummy strengthen your abdominal muscles, try 7 Minute Workout Calories Burn App and get a six pack abs without gym, with images that show you how to perform each exercise. Every exercise has timer for increase your fitness and burn your calories. Want to build muscles, get toned and stay fit

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