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Phone Guard-Anti Touch Pickpocket Prevention Android App

Phone Guard-Anti Touch Pickpocket Prevention Android App Phone Guard is android App to prevent Physical Phone Spy Anti Touch developed using Kotlin Language. It notifies phone owner if someone tries to touch or move his/her phone from where he/she left it. Features: Anti-Touch Guard, it detects when there is physical touch of device when Anti Touch Guard turned on. Anti-Pickpocket(Pocket Guard): It detects when phone is removed from pocket and rings alert sound if Pocket Guard is turned On Charger Guard(USB Guard): It detects when charger is removed from device or charger is plugged in when USB Guard is turned On ADMOB: It has AdMob banner ad for revenue generation Requirements: Android OS 4.2 and Above Android Studio 3.0 and above Android Device(Tablet or Phone) with PROXIMITY, LIGHT AND ACCELEROMETER sensors and USB Charging capabilities Knowledge of Kotlin or Java programming languages AdMob account How to Use: Check

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Meeting Monitor-Get Rid Of Distractions During Meetings

Meeting Monitor-Get Rid Of Distractions During Meetings Meeting Monitor is an Android app that gives power to meeting chairman to silence and lock screens of all meeting participants android smartphones using his/her smartphone APP FEATURES Meeting Monitor app works following procedures below: Chairman creates meeting by entering Meeting name and meeting time(how long meeting will take) Chairman shares meeting link to participants through any channel of choice (SMS, WhatsApp, email, social media etc.) Participants join using meeting link from chairman Meeting Monitor App Locks participants phone screen and puts it in vibration mode If Participant tries to unlock screen Meeting Monitor Locks Screen again and Notifies Chairman by Updating Participants number of screen openings on participants list If participant reboots his/her phone while in meeting mode, after reboot Meeting Monitor App will lock participants screen Chairman can remove specific participant from participants list,

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Loan Manager PHP Loan Management System

Loan Manager-PHP Loan Management System Loan Manager is fully functional PHP loan management system. Loan Manager can be used to manage borrowers from first steps of loan acquisition to loan repayments. Loan Manager simplifies the process by automating the tasks involved like auto calculations of interests using standard methods within and preparing amortization schedule (Repayment Schedule). SYSTEM FEATURES Easy Installation steps Supports Borrowers Login Friendly user Interface Supports bootstrap 3 Manages borrowers personal and financial information Manages different loan categories Manage Loan Disbursement Process (Application to Approval from Loan Officer level to Supervisor/Admin) Auto Interest calculations using inbuilt standard methods (Straight Line, Reducing Method, Compound Interest Method) Auto preparations of amortization/repayment schedules(Monthly, weekly or biweekly) Easy Company Settings Manage Loan Repayments (View Expected Repayments, Receive Repayments, View

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