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GIS Gym Information System A Software for all GYM Business

Nowadays, if you decide to create a new program  from scratch it will take a long time due to several things such as deciding the new layout, the database structure, the way of designing your code.Moreover, I am writing you in order to show a small summary about this software template.This software may include a brief pages as follows:- Pages to manage your members, trainers, members transactions, etc... as View, Add, Edit, and Delete.- Pages to make the daily attendance.- Pages to make your daily or month expenses.- More than 10 pages that show the layout for each report.How to install the template - You should have an Apache, PHP 5.5 , MySQL 5.4 version or install the last version of WAMP (for windows) or MAMP for (MAC OS).- In the attached zip folder you will get an empty database you should add it to your MySQL.i.e: You should create a new database called gis_software , then make a restore operation on this database from the .sql giving on the attached zip folder.- The source ha

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