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Geeksy Ultimate Modern Freelance Marketplace

Users also known as buyers can also post a Service Request on the platform and users who are also freelancers/sellers can bid to offer the requested services to the buyers by sending offers to the owner of the service request at their own rate. Once an offer is ordered by the user who posted the service request by making payments (Payments are made to Geeksy Admin who will then pay the freelancer when delivery of service is confirmed, payments can made via Paypal, Credit Card via Stripe and personal account balance), and the necessary instructions given to the seller/freelancer whose offer was accepted, work can commence. The time specified by the seller/freelancer in his/her offer to the request is acounted for with a countdownTimer which changes the Order Status from Pending to In Progress , When Seller is done with work, he can conveniently deliver the the work to the Seller, There is provision for communication between the buyer and seller via a messaging system

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