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R U B I the perosnal desktop Assistant using Python by Vaibhav Gondaliya Ishan Agrawal

- the Desktop Assistant made using python for automating the stuff which are done manually in the computer. This project is the combination of - Artificial Intelligence - Data Mining- Image Processing - Web Scrapping - and many other tools _________________________________________R. B. I. has bunch of features, I must say Awesome features, some of these are :1) News headlines2) movie suggestions3) open YouTube4) screen recording5) calculator6) calendar7) take photo8) time9) weather report10) open google11) search in google12) screenshot13) game (11 games) 14) video recording15) dictionary / translation16) date17) day18) write notes19) email20) chat Bot inscribed21) music22) stack overflow23) open any website24) ms word, ms excel, PowerPoint25) search any meaning other than English words_________________________________________ The Interesting thing to know is, the games which you can play in R. U. B. I. are also made with python, and they are inbuilt in the R. U.

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