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Flappy bird game

Design Details Node js, Reactjs, Javascript Requirements: Install the following in terminal npm install Process Details Go to the project folder and open in command prompt or terminal of VScode In the terminal type npm install (if node not installed ), cd Flappybird-react and npm start To restar

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Taxi booking App Uber Clone

Taxi App is developed using ReactNative, expressjs, node and android sdk. It helps users to book taxis based on their location . A taxi booking app with two parts, the driver and the rider part. The rider needs to request a ride and wait for the driver to start the trip if the request is accepted. T

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Invoice generating App

InvoiceApp is developed using ReactJS, weserver-pack. It helps users to generate invoices . A user is able to create an invoice specifying the item , item quantity and price and also save the invoice and search for them too. It can save the contact information of consumers for later use. A user c

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