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AppGrade school management system using Django framework

1. This school management system provides 3 types of users: Admin, Lecturer, and Student. 2. User permissions are changing according to the type of the user. 3. Users can also get information through an interactive diagram based on the dashboard's levels, scores, and average scores. 4. Real-time updates! once a lecture enters a grade, the student can instantly view it on his results page. 5. Changing password - each user can change his password independently but not every password will be accepted, if the new password is not long enough, the user will get an error message. 6. Prohibition of duplications - this system does not allow duplication of usernames and thus becomes extremely professional, personal, and reliable.

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eBay style e commerce auction web application with Django framework

1. Create Listing: Any user can create a new listing. 2. Active Listings Page: The default route of my web application lets users view all of the currently active auction listings. 3. Listing Page: Clicking on a listing takes users to a page specific to that listing. On that page, users can view all details about the listing, including the current price for the listing. 4. Watchlist: Users who are signed in can visit a Watchlist page, which displays all of the listings that a user has added to their watchlist. 5. Categories: Users can visit a page that displays a list of all listing categories. 6. Django Admin Interface: Via the Django admin interface, a site administrator can view, add, edit, and delete any listings, comments, and bids made on the site.

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