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29 Jul,2020
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theCut is a mobile platform for barbers and clients modernizing the barbershop experience. With theCut you can turn on your apps location, send a request within your location, a close barber see the request accept the request move to your location to cut your hair

- Accept request through its location via Google map
- Accept online/offline payments through flutter wave
- Barber decline order and receive a red score
- Goes online or offline
- Send delivery request after cutting of hair and earn money after cutting hair
- View bookings
- View History
- Interactive map and barber tracking
- Split payment
- Facial recognition with location for barber identity
- Barber verification
- Barber schedule for appointment for testing
- Barber makes deposit and validate is account with BVN (Bank verification Number)
- Barber add bank account for payment

- Find your barber near you
- Make instant booking for selected service, Barbing, Spa etc
- Turn map location to submit request for available barber in your location
- The app Pairs user + barber through Google mapping system
- Notification when the barber arrived
- Countdown when the barber start cutting hairs
- Accept delivery request from barber
- Fund it wallet system for payment
- can pay with cash
- view My booking history
- Update profile
- Login with social media (gmail+facebook)

- Manages barber
- Manages customer
- Approved barber to be listed for orders
- Settle Barbers
- Carried verification for barbers
- Manages barber center
- Ability to add Hairstyles, Salons and Spa costing’s + sub category
- Add other users + barber owners

Apps Available on ANDRIOD and IOS 

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