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02 Sep,2020
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This program converts any number to
words with great precision.This code also converts money like dollars, pounds and Euros to words.
That is: Up to 300 numerical digits in C++ and up to 85 digits in C.

This is so because of the memory
restrictions that C poses (85 digits).

Full source code is provided at an
affordable fee. Additionally,

Test projects and test programs are
provided for Visual C++,

Borland C++, TCPP, Turbo C, GCC, Visual

This program is available in both the C
and C++ languages.

This program was written in both raw C
and raw C++.That is: No third

Party libraries or dlls required.

C compilers supported:

-Standard C

-Turbo C, GCC, Visual C.

-Other C compilers that support Standard

C++ compilers supported:

-Standard C++

-Visual C++

-Borland C++




This program was written with the
programmer in mind.

Because Turbo C and some other C and C++

Have memory restrictions, especially the
stack size,

The size of the number to be converted
to words is

Limited to 85 digits and 300 digits

Examples of stacks:

1.Char num[50];

2.Int a1;

3.Float b1;

In (1), the stack-size is 50 bytes.

In (2), the stack-size is 2 bytes.

In (3), the stack-size is 4 bytes.

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