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SendMeOnWtsp is a project that will let people download files or YouTube videos through whatsapp.

The project is working on 2 sides:

1- A website, as an interface to the users, which they can use to put their links, and get a code with a phone number.

2- A VPS/RDP to run the bot which will response to the codes sent by the users.

So the basic idea is to use the website to generate the codes, then sending this codes to the corresponding phone number, which is controlled by the bot on the VPS/RDP, then the bot will download the desired files/videos, and split them into lower size files, then sending them through whatsapp to the users.

-You can always speed up the service by adding more phone numbers, and/or by running the bot on many VPS/RDPs.

-You can specify the max size of the files, as well as the time to download each file.

-You can also specify the max Videos quality/size.


1- simply copy the files to your web hosting.

2- configure your phones number on the phones.txt files.

3- configure your domain name in the VPS/RDP for the bot.

4- configure max files size and videos quality on VPS/RDP.

5- run the bot.


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