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MYWAREHOUSE is a PHP based Script that manage all tasks in Warehouses.

This script includes the following tasks :

  1. Multi-Warehouses

  2. Multi-Users

  3. Warehouse General Management

  4. User Access and Permissions for Warehouses

  5. User Access and Permission for modules in the same Warehouse

  6. User Types & Privileges (Admin, Manager, Stock Manager, Stock Agent, ...)

  7. Product Management

  8. Stock & Inventory Management

  9. Category Management

  10. Transfers between Warehouses

  11. Purchasing Orders

  12. Goods Receptions

  13. Orders Tracking

  14. Transfers Tracking

  15. Deliveries

  16. Deliveries Tracking

  17. Goods Reception Tracking

  18. Suppliers Management

  19. Customers Management

  20. Stock Returns

  21. Warehouse Reports with Graphic Charts

  22. Product Reports with Graphic Charts

  23. Order Reports with Graphic Charts

  24. Delivery Reports Graphic with Charts

  25. Best Delivering Products with Graphic Charts

  26. Most Purchasing Products with Graphic Charts

  27. Company Settings

  28. Warehouse Settings

  29.  ... and more other tasks

Requirements :

  • PHP 5.4 or more

  • MySQL 5.5 or more

  • Web Server

Demo :

You can test the script here:

- Admin :

  • Email  :

  • Password : admin

- User :

  • Email  :

  • Password : johnd

Content of the package : 

  1. Script

  2. Documentation

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aljun rubios 30 Jun, 2020

Dear Ma’am/Sir:\n Good day! We are looking for a software that we can purchase including the source code that we can also develop and modified. Here are some of the requirements that we need in a software:\n• Made by using\n• C#\n• SQL SERVER DATA BASE.\n• No limit of transactions\n\nThe mode of transaction will be via one time payment method.\n\nLooking forward for the response. Thank you.\n

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