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Hello dear, are you feeling well? The COVID-19 epidemic has covered the whole world, affecting every aspect of human life around the world. Millions of people were infected, along with millions of people in social distancing. We must be separated from the people we love, our parents, our children, our brothers and sisters, our grandparents, uncles, best friends, our beloved ... It is in these times we only to find that I have overlooked things that are simple but extremely important, that is, the feelings and emotions between people. That shows the true and best in the voice of a real person. Listening to the familiar voice of someone you love can bring out the strongest emotions, motivating people to act for the good of society. So it would be nice to have an application that can record your voice and store it forever so you can listen to it anytime, whenever you remember that person. If once upon a time you needed cassettes or hard disks, now you only need a phone and install this application.

This application is useful because the speed and quality of the task are executed, and a best friend with people usually work with paperwork. This app is fully native, created in the latest Xcode version, support all latest feature of the iOS platform to provide the best user experience. The application is specially optimized, super easy to re-skin, and customization.

With this application, you can

  • Record the words of your loved ones, meetings, lecture sessions

  • You can customize the effects for your recordings

  • Playback the recording anytime with excellent quality

  • Easily manage and organize files in the application

  • You can also share records in a simple and powerful way because it supports so many popular sharing channels

  • Application built-in ad types of Admob

  1. You need a Macbook or MacOS computer with Xcode IDE installed (latest version), you can easily download in here

  2. You will need a Google Admob account to use ads I already attached, just simply change the ads code number

  3. You will need a Firebase account if want to chase this app with metrics

  4. You will need an Apple developer account if want to publish this interesting app on App Store

You want to contact, please follow my Info:


Skype: HaiNeo

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