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Generate visual representations for words to show the most used words from tweets.

Word clouds can help to easily and quickly assessed the data from a user, and represent the data in a simple way: easier for the everyday user to understand.

Visual representations tend to have a positive impact and create interest amongst your audience. Add visual representation to the data and help to provide an overall sense of the text by using Word Clouds.

With the following project you will be able to:

  • Create word clouds using Tweets by Twitter users.
  • Get the tweets with or without a Twitter API.
  • You can customize the color range as well as the font from the Word Cloud.
  • Create more appealing plots using images as masks.
  • Includes Jupyter Notebook with examples
  • Suitable for beginners.

How to Use:

Add the python packages, import the libraries.
Execute via command python or using the example provided in the Jupyter Notebook.
Details included in the documentation.
You can use just one library to get the tweets or another library to create the word clouds.

Follow this tutorial if you are new to Python:

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Does it includes the jupyter notebook?

LabAI Seller

Yes, it is included


When will you release more AI products?

LabAI Seller

Please click the "follow" button in my profile to get updates for when I release a new product.

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