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Thourg Share information discuss and explore

Product Details

Thourg is a social network script built with PHP to enable users share information, discuss and explore contents shared by others.


  • HTML 5
  • CSS 3
  • Bootstrap
  • JavaScript
  • JQuery
  • PHP
  • MySQL


  • PHP 7
  • Apache 2+
  • MySQL 5+
  • SSL Certificate


After downloading project package and extracted the contents from ZIP package, follow the steps below to get Thourg ready for use

Importing database
  1. Create a new MySQL Database
  2. Create new user and password for your new database
  3. Import thourg_db.sql file (which is found in project package) to your database
  4. Lastly, locate the database connection file in the directory assets/includes/connect/define/connection.php (which is located in project package) to change default user, password and database name to your new user, password and database name for your database.
Setting up and uploading files
  1. Make sure to extract and copy all files and folders from project package to your public_html/ folder into your File Manager on your running server
  2. Secondly, also make sure the use of .htaccess is allowed on your server
Finishing steps
After successfully importing database, setting up and uploading files, login Thourg with default Admin account

NOTE: Admin password can be changed in account settings and user name in Edit profile (on account profile page), and do not delete/remove the default admin account from your database for this account has the privilege of assigning other account with admin privileges which will be discussed on our FAQs.


There's only few configuration to be done on Thourg and that is connecting PHP Mailer for successful sign up, forgot password, reporting a problem and change of email address (for users, in account settings). Follow the steps below to know how to configure PHP Mailer for Thourg.

The following file located in the directory below are files to configure for successful sign up, forgot password, reporting a problem and change of email address


  1. Open each file in the directories above and locate line 27 and 28 of the code to change Thourg's email and password to your new created email and password for mailing
  2. Also change default localhost domain located in the variable $message and $mail->AltBody, replace localhost/d_project to your new domain name e.g. Do these for all files found in the 5 directories listed above

NOTE: You will notice that $mail->Username = is assigned to a variable named $project_email. There's no need to be lost, this is because vital info to be edited or change on Thourg has all been made possible in Admin account so that when edited/changed once, changes is been applied everywhere it is located. On our FAQ, the question will be answered on how to make such changes.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which hosting is recommended when hosting Thourg?
    Get a powerful and reliable VPS or cloud hosting for great performance
  1. How do I access admin page?
    After logging into admin account with pasted user name and password (on Installation's finishing steps), you will find Cpanel located on the dropdown menu at the top right end of your dashboard. Access admin panel with YP7xvLys as password.

    help image
  1. How do I change project's email address?
    We did talk about changing project email address which can be found in the given directories (on Configuration) to find PHP Mailer files. To do this, login admin Cpanel with given default password (YP7xvLys), you will see Project information on PROJECT MANAGEMENT in the side bar at the left. Click on it and you will be able to change project name and it's email address. After doing this, changes will be applied everywhere project's name and email address is found/located (in code).
  1. How do I change project's name and logo?

    You can also change project name by logging into admin panel with given admin account and clicking on Company name and also Project information on PROJECT MANAGEMENT in the side bar at the left. Click on it and you will be able to change everything about project's name. And for project logo, you have to copy and paste your new logo in the directory assets/images/, there you can even delete/overwrite project's logo and go back to admin Cpanel's Project information to edit/modify new logo width and height.

  2. How do I change project's favicon?

    You can change project's favicon in the directory assets/images/, there you can delete/overwrite project's favicon.

  3. How to assign other user accounts with admin privileges?

    To assign other user accounts with admin privileges, you have to log into admin panel and click on Hire user on HIRE in the side bar at the left. You will find an input form where you will be able to search the user account you wish to assign admin privileges to. After searching for the account, click on the Hire button and you will taken to a page where you will be able to assign which privilege you wish to the user (account). After making a selection of your choice, click on the Hire button below.

  4. What are the differences between the list of privileges I can assign to other user accounts?

    When assigning other user accounts with admin privileges you did see a list of different privileges you can assign to a user, right? Below is a difference between the list of privileges you can assign to other user accounts

    Admin accountsPrivileges
    BossModify project information, such as name and more
    SEO ManagerModify project's page titles, description and keywords for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    User ModeratorRestrict or delete user account and post
    Account & Network VerifierVerify user account (give accounts a blue tick)
    Service ProviderView user's reported problems
    Policy ManagerModify project's terms of service and privacy policy
    Help ManagerAdd, delete and modify project's help topics
    User StatsView total number of user accounts
    Network StatsView total number of network accounts
    Post StatsView total number of posts
  5. How do I know the password for logging into control panel for admin accounts?

    You can still know the password for logging into control panel for admin accounts by logging into default admin account and clicking on Stats on WORKER'S STATS in the side bar at the left and you will be able to see a quick search form at the right end of the section, there you can search for the user account you assigned admin privileges to and you will be able to see his or her password (or pass key) for logging into his or her control panel or you can just click on the category the account falls at the left side of the quick search form and you will be able to see a list of accounts assigned with the selected privilege and their passwords (or pass keys).

  6. How do I change the password for logging into control panel for default admin account?

    This can be little confusing but can be done by you. Changing the password for logging into default admin's account (control panel) can be done in two ways. Firstly, you can do so by searching default admin account in the hire user form and re-hiring admin account as "Boss". By doing so, admin account password will be reset and now, you can go to Stats to search for admin account and know the new password (NOTE: This will be done using the default admin account itself). Secondly, you can do so by logging into your database and opening the table users_mod_man_sec_ver_ser to locate default admin account with id 1 and modify the two columns pass_key with new password encrypted with SHA256 and pass_key_nh with new password (not encrypted with SHA256).


Product Features
1. Dashboard - Well designed dashboard for creating of posts with either text, photos, videos and even a YouTube video
2. Chat - Built in live chat system that supports Twemoji with different features that help makes communication between users easy on Thourg
3. Explore - Explore different contents created by users on explore page
3. Notifications - Active notification system that notify users on activities carried on their posts, profile and more
4. Profile - Profile system that enable users edit their cover & profile photo, profile information, and also keep stats of post created, followers and others following
5. Mention - Users are able to mention one another when creating a post and also when commenting on a post
6. Hash tags - Hash tag system that manage users hash tag like Twitter and other social networks
7. Accounts - Users can own account for their selves or website, blog, business and more (which is called Own a network, just like Facebook pages)
8. Themes - Users can change Thourg's appearance by choosing between our 4 featured themes that can be enabled in settings
9. Settings - Equipped settings that enable users manage their account data such as profile information, messaging and more
10. Admin - Multiple administrator accounts to manage users data and activity on Thourg
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Version 1.1 - Apr 11, 2022

All Features have been modified to work with new installed servers

Product Versions

Thourg Share information discuss and explore - Version 1.1 - Apr 11, 2022

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