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this is my first app on this i will send you a spacial discount on this app. You can earn 100000Rs per month by this app. In place your add in. Being more efficient with the description was the big takeaway, as putting less into the description was correlated with a much better rank across multiple data points:

The longer the app's description, the worse its rank was. It may be that efficiency leads to a better rank, or that the higher ranking apps simply chose to use fewer characters.
Furthermore, it seemed that apps which listed their features out (which can take up a lot of space) did not do too much better than those that did not bother.
Apps that used more contiguous lines in their opening before giving users some white space for breathing room also saw lower average ranks.
Overall, apps that had custom backgrounds did not see a higher rank than those without custom backgrounds.
Editor's Notes-annotated apps which had custom backgrounds ranked worse than those that didn't, but non-Editor-annotated apps with custom backgrounds saw a slightly better rank.
There was a high frequency of, and a higher correlation in ranking for Editor-annotated apps.
Apps that listed quotes from users or PR saw some of the worst ranking differentials.
Including social media links or support contact information were both negatively correlated with rank.

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