Stop Covid 19 into your region

30 Apr,2020
User Guide Document


This web app allows you to present accurate data about the status of COVID-19 into your city/state.


  • Comprehensive data visualization of the positive tested people
  • Daily/total cases visualization
  • Divide the number of confirmed cases per municipality
  • Daily/total number of tested people visualization
  • Daily/total number of calls to COVID-19 call centers visualization
  • Show the numbers of the public transportation system over time to help avoid rush hours
  • Show the number of government buildings visitors over time  
  • Explain how to get help if user suspect having COVID-19
  • Help companies and those working into your region
  • Show the useful list of contacts 
  • Support for Multiple languages for the most diverse regions

Note: This project is UP & RUNNING for tokyo please check it tokyo stop covid-19

We thank all contributors to the collective effort to help the community during these crises.

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