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Stock Market and Cryptocurrency Application

Stock Market and Cryptocurrency Application


28 Feb,2021


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Created by avatar JTApplications

28 Feb,2021

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Product Details
This financial application includes stocks, indices, ETF's and cryptocurrencies. Multiple charts show the performance of each individual item and can be customized. It helps you to keep track of your investings and you can create your own custom portfolio. The app includes many important finacial values, such as open/close price, all 52-week-values, percentage/absolute performance and many more. You can filter every single chart by different time periods. The theme looks very modern. The app also offers a variety of exchanges, including every major exchange.

The custom portfolio allows the user to manage their investments like stocks, cryptocurrencies, ETF's and indices (all in one portfolio) over time. Supported cryptocurrencies are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and many alt coins such as DOGE, Ripple and a lot more.

By selecting a share from your portfolio, an individual chart page will open up, which shows all necessary values for that share. The search function does the same, but from there, you can add that share to your portfolio. The portfolio automatically calculates the porformance for the shares. The performance includes daily percentage and absolute growth, all-time daily percentage and absolute growth and the current value of the portfolio.

The app uses the twelvedata API to get the data.
Product Features
- Lists of indices, cryptocurrencies, stocks and ETF's
- Very clean design
- Fully customizable
- Very easy to maintain
- Only requires an API key, which can be created for free
- Very clean code (NO compiler warnings or errors)
- Code is fully documented in Javadoc
- Creates an individual chart page with all important values for each share
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