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Solemn 2D animation app

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Created by avatar Praze

16 Oct,2021

Product Details

    Solemn 2D is a
very simple growing animation software, that is specially made for  total beginners that are interested in making
animations. It is capable of making simple impressive animations easily, Solemn
2d is special for its simplicity, i.e, you require just a basic knowledge on
how to use a computer to learn how to make animations. Ergo: it can be used to create multi-platform animations in a simple way, it also has a lot of useful tools to help people with their animations, to edit the images, sound, and also the video.

The project is written in 100% python code, and took 6 months to develop.

There are two source codes, one is a ready and working version and the other is an advanced version, that may have few problems with easy fix, the second source code is about 1640 lines of code, you'll also receive some other packages for managing the software along

the code includes tkinter developed GUI, filedialog codes, messageboxes, drag and drop features, use of pygame, os, cv2, time, shutil for the animation making, implemented tooltip algorithm, creation of a scrollable image widget, email sending for feedback(remember to change the email to yours), some numpy, pydub, sounddevice for audio, etc. 

Product Features
Image editing features: brush, eraser, rectangle, circle, line,
image effects; like invert colors, turn image to sketch, blur image, mirror image.
other special tools like: converting the frames into a PDF, for stuffs like comics. Etc.
Sound Tools: Reverse track, merge tracks without gap, merge tracks with gap, repeat, overlay, max tempo, reduce noise, min tempo, record audio, echo, radio effect, robot effect, ghost effect, Darth Vader(from star wars) voice effect, etc
Video Tools: Merge videos, cut videos, fade in, fade out, export, preview, black and white, the-end effect, edit speed, merge audio to video, time symmetry, mute video, etc
Can also be used to export frames in a pdf format
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Version 1.1 - Oct 16, 2021

Source code for animator app, for 2 different versions

Product Versions

Solemn 2D animation app - Version 1.1 - Oct 16, 2021

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