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10 Nov,2018
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There are big websites and there are are scrolling pages that only cover one simple page, but in between exists a space for everyone who has a little more content to show than just a simple flyer of information or advertising. For example small businesses or private websites.

This project uses HTML, CSS and JavaScript to provide a simple to use template for making websites like this. Frameworks used: Jquery and Lity.

Single Page JavaScript templating. Dynamic content injection:
We use templating in JavaScript, meaning the entire content of the website ad every tab/page is contained within the JavaScript file, inside the tabs variable, which is a json variable.
This way we only have one HTML file with the structure, we never have to reload, single page but we also don’t need PHP, any server side code or any other frameworks.
How to Use:
Easy to use. Check Code and guide PDF.
You can find this in the index.html, that comes in the project files, for easy copy and paste.

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| Apr 18, 2019

Absolutely brilliant, simple design

| Feb 26, 2019

Thank you for your help now i can use it for many things

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