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Sanjibani-Clinic Management Software makes laboratory operation got simpler & convenient,Today, laboratories are getting crowded thus, to manage reports, billing are time-consuming tasks. To operate labs with a greater level of efficiency and quality work, Pathology Management Software is the best suit to recent requirements and future needs. Healthcare access has been transformed in the digital age with an easy software installation at diagnostic centers. Where Sanjibani-HIMS comes with a complete understanding of your clinical, operational requirements and support the pathology labs for ease the work. Being a user-friendly digital application has proven its excellence in multiple ways.

Sanjibani-HIMS keeps a record and diffuse information about tests and examinations recommended by the doctors or healthcare experts. This software is user-friendly with its affordable modules supports allowed to get full control in your hand. With an amazing facility of bill & report generation. This enhances privacy and accuracy of right treatment & test results with clear doctor’s interpretation allows diagnosing diseases at the right time.

Sanjibani-HIMS is applicable as Pathology Software, Clinic, Laboratory, Diagnostic Center Software, Medical Test Centre Software, Billing, Lab Reporting, Blood Test Report Printing Software, UrineTest Report Printing Software. Lab Technician Software,

Clinic Management Software Includes Following Features

  • Tailor-made ERP for Patholabs
  • User-Friendly System for Administration Workflow
  • Multi-User or Single User Available
  • User-Friendly & Very Easy Software
  • Billing & Invoicing
  • Easy invoice generation
  • Report generation with ease
  • Report with pdf format
  • Bill with pdf format
  • Easy test result entry
  • Entry of test performed in the lab at your own
  • Printing of report and bill facility
  • Increase Productivity
  • Easy & Customize Data Entry Forms
  • Helps To Run Entire Laboratory Functions Smoothly
  • Efficient & Cost Effective


  • Are future updated FREE?
  • Yes, all future LIFETIME updates are FREE
  • Do I have to pay for updating to latest version?
  • NO, You get updates for FREE
  • Will it work offline?
  • Yes, it works offline

For installation and documentation please go the documentation folder and run the index.html file, OR

visit the link for documentation

Source Code Features

Key Features

Pathology Test Management
Creating new test with category,adding test particulars
Entry test results and generate report
Create invoice for pathology tests
Doctor Management
Doctor Registration
Setting doctor commission
Report of doctor commision
Test Invoice Generation
Create invoice of test performed
Printing invoice
Report of invoice generated
Pathology Report Generation
Pending reports
Entry result of completed test
Printing of completed report
Doctor Management
Doctor Registration
Setting doctor commission
Report of doctor commision
Patient Management
New Registration
Medical History
Visit Details
Total Billing
Purchase Management
Item Master
Creating vendor
Item Inward
Purchase Details
Printing purchase bill
Human Resource
Employee Registration
Fully integrated attendance system
Salary scheme
Salary Generation
Printing Salary slip
Leave Management
Leave Application
Salary Advance
Security Deposit
Ledger Creation
Automated Sales and Expenses
Voucher Entry
Day Book Details
Trail Balance
Loss and Profit
Settings Management
Lab Name
Header Printing Management
Select Currency
Address etc
Report foot note entry
User Management
Integrated multi role user
Permission creation
User creation
User link to employee
User group creation

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