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28 Nov,2018
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This project uses HTML, CSS and JavaScript to provide a simple navigation menu for websites.
This layout is responsive and designed for 3 resolutions: desktop, tablet and mobile.
On mobile the layout uses a menu button to open the navigation.
How to Use:
You can find this in the index.html, that comes in the project files, for easy copy and paste.

The markup structure is encapsulated with the div of the class container. In it exists a header div, which contains a logo div and a navigation div.
You can see all of the examples in the index.html of course, play around with them.
Simply drop the header or just the navigation into your project, change it and use it.

Check the guide PDF if needed.

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| Apr 18, 2019

Great template it runs really well on all the devices I had tested it. no issues so far. Good job

| Feb 24, 2019

Awasome Very helpfull to learn...

| Mar 26, 2019

Awesome Wooooooooooooo for the makers to this game

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